Sunday, August 29, 2021


Just in time!
We just got almost two inches of rain!  Three hours ago, we were down on the the sunlight!  Amazing.  These words came as we looked for the location to cast our lines...

Once again, a time away
from labors for awhile.
Upon a hill, above the waters,
God would wink and smile!
Savoring His grand creation,
taking it all in...
time is slow here as we watch
the feather and the fin!
Even from this height, we clearly 
hear the waters rush;
and the chorus on the wing--
they, too, prevent a 'hush.'
The thunder that would roll afar
reminds us savor so
each precious moment that we have
that 'labor' does not know!

"Thank You, Father, for these precious
times of needed rest.
You know exactly when and where
and what is needed best!
We treasure, so, the restoration
You ALWAYS provide
in between these final days
of serving--far and wide!"

Yea, though these are 'strange' times, God sees to it that there be 'balance' in our matter how busy life gets!  This 'time away' was certainly necessary, and He NEVER disappoints!

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