Sunday, August 22, 2021

Life Issues

Life happens.  And when it does, it should not be let to affect the relationships that we have...with anyone!  Especially our 'friends..'

Too many issues separate

but even the best of friends!
The smallest thing may come between
and, relationship, it ends!
It should not be this way at all;
much deeper friendship SHOULD be!
Yet, in the times and days that are,
too often such we see!
For we need one another more
than we have ever known.
Too many things are happening
that make us feel 'alone!'
But 'alone' we can NEVER be
as God is everywhere,
and He sends His Own throughout our lives
exhibiting His care.
And though 'issues' may arise that tax
but ALL relationships,
those of most import, the Lord,
with His Own grace, equips!
So cling to them so close to you,
release what matters not!
Much, much more importance each
relationship has got!
Dismiss those issues that would cause
but ANY rift to be,
and all the wealthier, your life
and loved ones, it will be!

Yes, so many 'things' are going on in this life.  Let not those 'things' come between you and your friends!  For 'friendship' is far more valuable than mere 'issues' that arise!

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