Monday, August 2, 2021

In Desperation

The days and the times that are.  We are all involved in them.  But just how many of us are TRULY succeeding and progressing.  Sure, it LOOKS to the eye like we are, but there are folks out there that are suffering...and some of us are not even seeing it!

"In desperation, o my God, I come.
I know Your victory--it is my sum.
But God, sometimes this life would so encroach
that Your hallowed Presence I must so approach!
For I know that You accompany without end;
You are my everything, brother and my Friend,
oh, but there are times assurances I so need,
and there You are, with embrace, to intercede!

I have access, Lord, to all this life can do;
oh, but there are times when I want only You!
And, at those times, You do not disappoint:
Your touch, Your eyes, Your heart would so anoint!
No matter how deep desperation be,
You have The Way to help me clearly see;
You have a love, rejuvenating so,
enabling this man to, onward, go!

In desperation, Lord, I come once more.
And You know exactly what I'm coming for:
that which be availed no other place-- grace!
You see the things that no one else can see,
and that's exactly what You give to me!
In desperation, o my God, I come,
and perfect restoration be the sum!

How about YOU?  Are you in a situation or a place that is or feels 'desperate?'  Jesus fully understands, and He will provide exactly what you need if You will only call upon Him!  Don't let anything or anyone hinder you, and don't be ashamed or embarrassed to tell someone.  PLEASE!


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