Saturday, August 7, 2021

Family Fellowship

Church.  With precious family that we do not always see often enough.  Does the 'location' matter?  Is the 'sanctuary' always a 'building?'  Hmm...

The Lord's Day, Sunday, after church.
Finally, to take a break.
A drink on ice beside, as I
look out across the lake.
Thinking of the week behind
and what God said today...
taking in the view, while 
pondering a better way.
Not wasting time "what-iffing," but
"what better could I do?"
It is so very simple with
the glory of this view!

Not too much time to spend on such,
as I have loved ones near.
The children and grandchildren, they
have gathered with us here!
And they, too, are taken by the glory
of many a sight;
for we just a bald eagle
go slowly by in flight!!
Gliding just above the water
then lighting on a branch;
I heard they live up on that bluff
that's just beyond that ranch!

Sunday, Sunday wonders--they are
beautiful, you know!
Unto a very 'unique' service,
this day, did we go!
And Christ went with us to enjoy
our laughter, fun and love;
for He stays not always on His throne
there in the heights above!

Yes, some would argue that.  Let them.  I know that Jesus accompanies us wherever we go...even when we may miss a 'service' to savor fellowship out in His glorious creation!  GOD IS SO GOOD!


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