Friday, August 20, 2021

Easy Living

Spending the afternoon out on the deck.  Finally, it is cool enough to do so in comfort.  This is due to the presence of much-needed rain!  And, for such, we are VERY grateful!

The blossoms take advantage of

the gently falling rain.
FINALLY, some nourishment
be there for them to gain!
They shine but even through the rain
against the billows far;
the clouds and showers are.
But no one is complaining, save
the cats and dogs right now.
For they would rather chase each other,
or lie beneath the bough!
For they will have to wait inside
as God renews the land
with the precious, needed rain
that's pouring from His hand!
We wait beneath the covered deck
and savor precious scents
carried in the falling life,
soaked in by trees and plants!
Such has become so precious in
the days and times that are--
while some places have seen abundance,
others are few and far!

No complaints from this man, though,
I've learned to be content;
and, in HIS time, the precious rain,
unto us, will be sent.
And there's nothing like the music of it
upon a roof of steel!
The different rhythms of it you
can smell and hear and feel;
and NOTHING is so pressing that
this man cannot enjoy
the moments of this summer storm
that, others, may annoy!

Yes, I have come to enjoy all types of weather.  (Except the EXTREME heat and cold!)  And I know that, while I enjoy the gentle rain that's falling, there are places where too much rain has fallen, and they may be cursing such.  God is well aware of that, and I KNOW that He will balance it out somehow.

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