Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Early Blessings

Before work...before breakfast...even before anyone else in the house is up, I am out on the deck with the very One Who created the day.  It is eerily shrouded right now, but that hinders not our fellowship...

The bright and brilliant colors, they

have not appeared as yet...
the morning fog still cloaks this place,
for everything is wet!
Fascinated so at how
He moisturizes life,
I talk with Him and tarry we
until would rise my wife.
I rose and snuck out of the room
with hopes she would yet sleep,
made coffee and then came out here
to hear the songbirds peep!
The duties of the day are soon,
but not before our visit--
time with Jesus Christ alone,
but so essential is it!
And NEVER is it 'monologue,'
but dialogue three ways:
I speak with Him, He speaks with me
and we hear the birds in praise!

And, though fog may hide the sky above,
Light visits with me here!
It is a time each day that I
hold very, very dear!
Regardless of the elements
He's punctual always,
and faithful e'er to guide my pen
to capture latest phrase!

Yes, coffee with Jesus Christ before the hidden landscape.  I know how glorious the view is, but His Presence is so much more...at ANY time of day!

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