Thursday, August 19, 2021

Don't ever hold back!

All busyness to halt for awhile.  Right now, Jesus is here!  This is no time for vain or empty requests, it is a time for heart-to-heart, REAL conversation.  Even if that entails hearty laughter, Jesus wants to be part of it!

All issues now to set aside,

(if only for awhile,)
that not a thing may come between
His voice and His real smile!
For I am with my Jesus, and
HIS TIME dictates events;
therefore, nothing hinders us,
and not a thing prevents!
He lectures not, but we 'converse'
just like a closest friend!
The ingredients of such a talk,
they do not have an end!
And it is ALWAYS 'dialogue'
not 'monologue' at all!
For ALWAYS He's available
whenever I should call!

How wonderful--relationship
with Christ--the King of kings;
and knowing that we can, (and DO)
discuss any and all things!
Not a thing be 'out of bounds'
when talking with my Lord.
The greatest of all liberties,
to us, does He afford!
For He wants far more than just this man
'reciting' written prayer!
He wants to look into my face,
mine every thought, to share!
For there is no time to 'waste' with Jesus,
ALL time counts with Him!
And NEVER I to leave His Presence
feeling down or dim!
He listens...answers...and responds
in ways that lift me up;
and I am filled when I depart
regardless of my cup!

Do YOU know Jesus in such a way?  Can YOU go to the Lord and talk about whatever it is that is on your heart?  You should!  For He is already fully aware of what your heart contains!  Why not talk about it all with the ONLY One Who can truly do something about it!

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