Sunday, August 1, 2021

Days of Precedence

Another busy day in a busy world that seems to be on edge.  So many 'events' taking place in so many places, 'events' that we have never even heard of.  BUT GOD is aware of them, and He is in complete control...regardless what we hear, think or feel!

Where are You when I cannot understand?
When situations all get out of hand?
When issues seem beyond all my control?
I need a place to breathe and be made whole!

Where are You when others can't understand?
Them that, the impossible, would demand?
I can only give and do, Lord, just so much;
but, to that fact, so many are out of touch!!

Where are You?  You're standing with me, oft alone.
Your empathy and perfect care to be there known!
You stable me as You look into my eyes,
alleviating all stresses that would arise!

Where are You?  But, Lord, I NEVER have to ask!
For You are with me, regardless of the task!
Mine each and every step have You ordained,
and, in You, peace and assurance is contained!

An awful lot of folks are looking around at the world these days and asking "Where is God through all of this?"  I assure you, He is omnipresent, and NOTHING escapes his notice!  For therein lies all the peace and hope that we need to endure!


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