Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Constant Ministry

This world is a very busy place.  Our lives are very busy places!  There are places to go, things to do, and people to meet.  It is the same for all of us, but those who belong to God through Christ have 'goods' and 'services' that others do not have.  Have YOU noticed that?

So very many people
inside our lives each day.
God puts them there with purposes
along the Narrow Way.
Some make the journey easier...
some need ministry...
others--they are challenges
that, better, we would be.
But ALL have great importance in
the eyes of God Most High.
If I can 'better' someone's day,
a better man am I!
And ALL for Jesus' glory, as
He is the One Who leads;
to reach out--
that is how one succeeds.

Yea, though many are the people,
the numbers matter not.
What is of most import is that,
a glimpse of God, they got!
That 'mustard seed' was planted--
God knows where it will lead;
and that will happen only when
His leading I will heed.

Yes, so many people in our lives.  Such is settled truth.  What I failed to mention in this devotion today is that there are people that come into our lives that can be 'toxic.'  Some would argue that you are to take them in and minister to them.  GOD also points out that, in attempting such, they can be the ones that pull you away from Him, drag you down spiritually, or even adversely affect you emotionally.  Be open, but be careful, as well!


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