Friday, August 27, 2021


Early evening.  The setting sun illuminates the panorama so softly.  The birds, the squirrels and the deer frolic about, making the rounds at the feeders.  As I watch it all, there is another Place on my mind...

Beyond my scope of comprehension
there is perfect life!
The Son of God to govern there,
and absent be all strife!
Pain and grief are in the past,
forgotten even so!
That Perfect Place is our reward
if, Jesus Christ, we know!

All that He has promised us
since time itself began
is perfectly there meted out
as part of God's great plan!
No longer any issues that
will cause us keep apart...
no longer any illnesses--
just proof of God's great heart!

What will we do with all that time
we used to spend down here?
That matters neither as, all time
itself, will disappear!
Already it's in order and
already happening--
we only wait for that great call
to go and join The King!!

Established in His Word...
so constantly occurred...
HEAVEN--God's Paradise--
oh, won't it be so nice?!

Soon and very soon.  We wait for the Trumpet Blast...keep our sights set upon the east...and keep our hearts right with Him as we serve!  Each day in THIS life is but one day closer to THAT life!!  HALLELUJAH!


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