Monday, August 9, 2021

Can I even get more?

Whomever you are, the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ is availed to you.  Without measure.  Regardless how you think or feel...or the 'current school of thought!'

Must I unlearn what I've been taught
to learn, Lord, more of You?
But You come to me where I am at,
Lord, everyday anew!
Of a truth, I have some traits 
that oft get in the way,
BUT GOD, You help me overcome
that victory be my stay!!
And so do You for each of us
who truly seek Your face.
You do so of abundant love
and overwhelming grace!
You WANT this man so greatly that,
my faults, You look beyond
and even cause me overcome them
as You are so fond!

You see me as I am and yet,
You visit me each day,
regardless what I've said or done
somewhere along the way.
Your grace, Your grace, it covers me,
forgiveness to abound!
In YOU, O great and mighty God
may ever I be found!!"

Oh, the wondrous grace of THE loving, caring Lord God!  There is NOTHING else like it, I cannot live without it, and never want to be separated from Him!  He is so good to us!


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