Sunday, August 8, 2021

Beautiful Wealth!

Aaahh...relaxing on a Sunday afternoon.  Reflecting on a week that included a myriad of situations...all of which God brought us through!  But how do them without God look back on their week?  How do they define 'wealth' and 'success?'

The winds, they are composing with
the pine trees and the chimes;
so bountiful, the music!  Oh
the rhythm and the rhymes!
The branches dance so lightly and,
so slowly, shed their leaves...
enjoyable--the musical
from here below the eaves!

All the land begins to change
each day, as time goes on.
They will don more beauty, then,
with time, it will be gone.
But not right now!  The spectacle
has only just begun!
'Twill be enjoyed a couple months
before its show is done.

And I converse once more with God
as hummingbirds zip by.
We talk about them and the others
that effortlessly fly.
And we discuss the days that are
in ways I understand
as He assures me, yet again,
all things are in His hand!

So wonderful, this country life
with which I have been blessed!
God sees to it every facet
of wonder is addressed!
The birds are happy...squirrels are happy...
folks are happy, too;
we yet but seek that Trumpet Blast
where EVERYTHING is new!

A beautiful acre of land...a wonderful home...and JESUS!  Truly, I am a very wealthy man!  How do you measure your wealth?  If it be an accumulation of anything but God's Presence, then you are surely missing out!

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