Monday, August 16, 2021

Back to the River!

Ahh...right here is the perfect place to park.  No one else around.  No labors...just the glory of HIS creation...

The waters, they flow at a rate
that only He could know.
So very grateful we obeyed Him,
to THIS PLACE, to go!
The scenery is stellar, and
the trees, so lush and green!
The hints of 'fall' not to affect yet
this locale serene!

And the songs now emanating from
those trees outshine the sound
of the waters rushing past
the boulders that abound!
Those upon the wing, they even
come by to observe
the leisurely activities
that we so well deserve!

And, again, the primal scenery
surrounding constant flow
is of a level that mere words
may sparsely even know!
The gifted hills...the bluest skies...
and ONE cloud--white as snow--
so large and high above the hills,
not seeming yet to grow.
That cloud in metamorphosis 
as God and I converse.
Ways to spend this precious time--
oh, I know there are worse!
Rush not the moments, though, I pray
as water rushes past;
for I know that such activities,
they go by all too fast!

Once again, relaxing on the river, with NOTHING else around but His glorious creation!  O find me here more often!  Away from all if but for a few hours.  Life will go on, and it will be waiting when we return.  However, this is so beautiful and precious that it MUST be matter how busy one may be!

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