Thursday, August 5, 2021


All the signs are there.  All things are in place.  All that's left is to hear the Trumpet Blast and we shall Jesus coming in the clouds!!  My friend, let NOTHING of this world embezzle you out of that TRUTH!  No matter how rough it gets!

"My soul, my heart, they are secure.
I know, I know I shall endure
the times set yet to come, the days,
the end result shall be Your praise!
But through the days and times ahead,
Your songs are sung, Your Word is read
because You have enabled me,
in EVERY time, Your Light to see!
For those 'times' are NOW throughout the world:
rebellion is...disease unfurled...
'brotherly love' is waxing cold
just like, throughout Your Pages, told!
BUT GOD, there be a precious few,
a 'Remnant' yet be standing true;
and we are doing all we can
to edify our fellow man!

O strengthen, Lord, the faithful here
that we continue persevere
through trial...tribulation....pain...
shining so that more may gain
but just a glimpse of Heavenview,
thus leading more souls unto You!

The days that are be nothing new.
For You assured us they were due,
and even 'faithful' would turn away.
(Of such as this, Lord, let's not say!)
Instead, let's look to that ahead
where all is good to whence we're led!
Where all is perfect in That Place
and we will see You, face-to-face!!"

"EVEN SO. COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!" the yearning heart and soul are yet to cry!  Of a truth, we are in the end times.  Even the most devout yet argue the DATE AND TIME of His return, but let's not be blinded to the truth of how wonderful it will be when we get There!!


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