Tuesday, August 3, 2021


Late afternoon.  Out on the back deck savoring winding down from the day.  But I am not alone.  My wife and the very Creator of creation is with me, and we are watching some of his most delightful beings!

Watching the daily battle:
the hummingbirds at war!
Oftentimes their antics,
so very high, to soar!
Then diving back down to the feeders
for another 'sip;'
a ritual of season I
don't ever want to skip!

I watch it with the very One
Who crafted their design
and spoke them into being with
but just a single line!
Yes, Father God sits next to me
as, coffee, We enjoy,
savoring the wondrous beauty 
August would deploy!
And, as we talk in observation, 
music is everywhere
from the others 'on the wing'
in trees and in the air!
They seek treats, as well, as I've not
had time to put theirs out--
for God is with us, and this time
is ever so devout!
He edifies us as we chat
about the days ahead;
we glorify Him back with thanks
that we are Spirit-led!
And time goes by so rapidly
when we are in this place
soaking in the wonders He
created by His grace!

Yes, day is done...with success yet again.  God assisted me with people all day long and now He rewards with His Presence, glimpses of His glory and the wonders of His creation!  He is so good to them that serve Him!


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