Thursday, August 5, 2021

A True 'Friend!'

Ever have those relationships that seem 'one-sided,' or seem to only go one way?  (That is, unless, the other party 'needs' something.)  Too many times in too many lives that happens.  And, (me being a people-person,) I hear about it and see it all the time...

Where are you when there is no need
and everything is fine?
I hear from you when trouble strikes,
whether it's yours or mine.
I'd like to hear and talk with you
about 'nothing at all,'
but, as it is, with such as that,
'tis I who make the call.
Am I just a 'convenient' or
a 'necessary' friend?
Relationships like that so very
quickly come to end!
I'd like to hear from you when there
'is not much happening...'
but, as it is, you only call
when difficulties bring.
For that is not 'friendship' at all,
it's 'utility,'
merely a pointless exercise
in 'futility!'
I'd rather have you be around
in bad times AND the good,
for, then, a TRUE relationship
but savor each we could!

I know you're know I'm here
and, often, I reach out,
but hearing back with only 'need,'
would cause this man to doubt
the depth of a relationship
that's supposed to be 'both ways.'
Perhaps that's just the world we live in
in these latter days...

I want and need you and, hopefully, you want and need me.  God put us on this earth for each other.  But all too often, we get so busy with so many things that do not matter that we neglect the 'things' that matter most.  May we be ever so cautious to avoid such a snare, as none of us are getting any younger, and time is diminishing at a rate we cannot fathom!


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