Tuesday, August 17, 2021

A Glorious End of Day

Savoring the backyard as the sun goes down.  It's been a busy day, filled with the gamut of situations, BUT GOD assures us it will be worth it all...

The scattered clouds are set aglow
by sun of afternoon.
The atmosphere is set to change,
but not too very soon.
Still is time to finish chores
while temperatures are prime;
out here, underneath the branches,
life--it is sublime!
There are feeders to be filled that so
attract the squirrels and birds,
and several vessels where they bathe--
simplicity beyond words!
That which had to be in town
has all now been completed,
and, by life throughout the backyard,
so happily, I'm greeted!

This life--it is as simple or
as hard as you desire.
Inside some be this subtle breeze,
in some, a raging fire!
Life requires both, and every
fashion in between;
if not, it would be boring and,
not too much, would it mean.
BUT GOD, He knows the balance and
what's best for one and all.
Commit your life unto Him and
obey His certain call.
He will put you where you fit best
and use you as just He could;
and you will come to realize
it's all for your own good!

Certainly, each of us have days and situations that we could not have desired, but God knows the purpose of each of them!  We may find out later, or we may never know!  Can YOU live with that?  Just know that, belonging to Him, whatever the situations are, it will, eventually, be worth it all!


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