Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Early Blessings

Before work...before breakfast...even before anyone else in the house is up, I am out on the deck with the very One Who created the day.  It is eerily shrouded right now, but that hinders not our fellowship...

The bright and brilliant colors, they

have not appeared as yet...
the morning fog still cloaks this place,
for everything is wet!
Fascinated so at how
He moisturizes life,
I talk with Him and tarry we
until would rise my wife.
I rose and snuck out of the room
with hopes she would yet sleep,
made coffee and then came out here
to hear the songbirds peep!
The duties of the day are soon,
but not before our visit--
time with Jesus Christ alone,
but so essential is it!
And NEVER is it 'monologue,'
but dialogue three ways:
I speak with Him, He speaks with me
and we hear the birds in praise!

And, though fog may hide the sky above,
Light visits with me here!
It is a time each day that I
hold very, very dear!
Regardless of the elements
He's punctual always,
and faithful e'er to guide my pen
to capture latest phrase!

Yes, coffee with Jesus Christ before the hidden landscape.  I know how glorious the view is, but His Presence is so much more...at ANY time of day!

Sunday, August 29, 2021


Just in time!
We just got almost two inches of rain!  Three hours ago, we were down on the river...fishing...in the sunlight!  Amazing.  These words came as we looked for the location to cast our lines...

Once again, a time away
from labors for awhile.
Upon a hill, above the waters,
God would wink and smile!
Savoring His grand creation,
taking it all in...
time is slow here as we watch
the feather and the fin!
Even from this height, we clearly 
hear the waters rush;
and the chorus on the wing--
they, too, prevent a 'hush.'
The thunder that would roll afar
reminds us savor so
each precious moment that we have
that 'labor' does not know!

"Thank You, Father, for these precious
times of needed rest.
You know exactly when and where
and what is needed best!
We treasure, so, the restoration
You ALWAYS provide
in between these final days
of serving--far and wide!"

Yea, though these are 'strange' times, God sees to it that there be 'balance' in our lives...no matter how busy life gets!  This 'time away' was certainly necessary, and He NEVER disappoints!

Saturday, August 28, 2021


Last night, I forgot to lock the front door when we went to bed.  Thank God that there are a few places left on this earth where you can still sleep at night knowing that!

You give to me a modest home
with all amenities.
Cars...computers...'earthly things...'
I'm grateful for all these!
But greater, Lord, You instill
a certain 'peace of mind'
that, in not a thing that's 'of this world'
we could ever find!
The peace and calm that YOU provide
cannot be bought or sold!
Truth be known, that, by not even
poets, can be told!
It is a sweet assurance that,
whatever comes our way,
we are secure inside Your palm,
settled--come what may!

Another peaceful day inside
a little country town...
but That Peace, it is availed
but ANYWHERE around!
As long as you belong to Him
and He resides inside,
anywhere and everywhere,
secure may you abide!

Can you lay your head on your pillow at night without going over a checklist of what it will take for you to get a good night's sleep?  You can!  Just give your heart to Jesus and KNOW that He is in complete control...and He is watching over you without end!


Friday, August 27, 2021


Early evening.  The setting sun illuminates the panorama so softly.  The birds, the squirrels and the deer frolic about, making the rounds at the feeders.  As I watch it all, there is another Place on my mind...

Beyond my scope of comprehension
there is perfect life!
The Son of God to govern there,
and absent be all strife!
Pain and grief are in the past,
forgotten even so!
That Perfect Place is our reward
if, Jesus Christ, we know!

All that He has promised us
since time itself began
is perfectly there meted out
as part of God's great plan!
No longer any issues that
will cause us keep apart...
no longer any illnesses--
just proof of God's great heart!

What will we do with all that time
we used to spend down here?
That matters neither as, all time
itself, will disappear!
Already it's in order and
already happening--
we only wait for that great call
to go and join The King!!

Established in His Word...
so constantly occurred...
HEAVEN--God's Paradise--
oh, won't it be so nice?!

Soon and very soon.  We wait for the Trumpet Blast...keep our sights set upon the east...and keep our hearts right with Him as we serve!  Each day in THIS life is but one day closer to THAT life!!  HALLELUJAH!


Thursday, August 26, 2021

Take Time to Observe!

Looking around.  Once again.  Observing the glory of God's creation while I have some time to.  So refreshing.  So wonderful to behold the works of His hands!

The landscape--live, vivacious--
so colorful, alive!
Because of God Almighty
every living thing to thrive!!
Life--for it is VERY good,
in spite of life itself!
Another priceless memory
to place upon the shelf...
But not before it is enjoyed
each moment, high and low;
so stop, ye afternoon, that I
can take it in real slow!

"O Father, thank You for the glories
of the afternoon!
I know You will not make it stay,
and it will go too soon.
And as You here enjoy with it me,
every sight and sound;
I know I'll get its fulness as
You cause it to abound!
And I will have Your perfect peace
as we here converse!
Your Presence is about me in
whatever universe!
For You are Omnipresent God
winter, summer, fall or spring;
no matter what, You give us cause
to sing, so deeply sing!!"

Yes, sing out to God in the glory of His Majesty!  HE IS WORTHY!  No matter what is going on the world, He is aware of it.  He will take care of it.  Turn it over to Him and savor the glory of His creation once in a while!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Dr. Biton

That name may not ring a bell to you, but he is world-renown in his field, and WE are very blessed to be able to call him "our doctor!"  Sure, we must drive for several hours to see him, but God has gifted him with wisdom that we have found nowhere else!

Once more in a crowded place
so far away from home;
a trip that so necessitates
several hours to roam;
each face unfamiliar, save
the lady right beside,
the one that's been, for forty years,
my joy...my love...my pride!

So many different faces,
yet for one only cause:
here to see the specialist
that treats our common flaws;
here to see a certain man
who is one of the best,
yet even he would credit God,
he'll readily attest!

So blessed that God has blessed some folks
with knowledge necessary
to treat the body He created
for things that we're not wary!
Doubly blessed we that THIS doctor
credits God Most High
for the knowledge that he uses
treating you and I!

"Thank you, Dr. Biton, for using your skills the way you do...for being the humble servant of God that you are, and for allowing God to move through you to so many of us!  We appreciate you!"

In HIS Service,
Jim Busby


Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Successful Start

First thing.  Another day.  Another opportunity to serve Him and behold the mighty works of His hand.  Therefore, HE gets the first of all...

The Orchestrator is at work
as I begin the day.
I take my coffee outside and
behold His grand display!
The members of the orchestra
are practicing their tune,
as the 'house lights' raise, I know
performance will be soon!

The sweetest symphony begins
with those upon the wing;
brighter now, more voices join,
The deer to join the audience
from somewhere very stealth;
all that witness such performance
will obtain great wealth!!!

The Maestro looks around and muses
"It is very good!
The glory of the morning, it is
going as it should!"

And blessed so richly each one in
attendance on this day,
as God, the Mighty Orchestrator
starts the day HIS way!

I KNOW that I know that success will follow every time I start the day this way.  No 'ifs' 'ands' or 'buts' about it!  It is settled truth!  And there is no other way I would prefer!

Monday, August 23, 2021

Attn: Military!

Coming home.  Some argue that the job did not get done, others argue we should not have been there in the first place, but know that this man and his family appreciate you for being in the service and doing what you do!!

When dealing with an enemy
whose tactics have no code,
those returning from the fight
are bearing quite a load!
They return, yet feel no 'triumph...'
did labor they in vain?
Arriving back on U.S. soil
would seem so very 'plain!'

So look for them who did their best
upon that soil afar,
and let them know how valuable
and brave they really are!
So many be arriving without
closure in their lives,
and they may only hear "THANK YOU!"
from friends, husbands or wives!

Not every 'war' be 'popular,'
nor each 'decision' fair;
but they obeyed and did their best
while they were 'over there!'
For such, we owe respect and thanks
to each and every one:
for they obeyed the call to serve

and did what they got done!

And if YOU are one of THEM, God Bless You and thank you so much for all you do for our country!  We appreciate you...no matter what anyone else may think or feel!

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Life Issues

Life happens.  And when it does, it should not be let to affect the relationships that we have...with anyone!  Especially our 'friends..'

Too many issues separate

but even the best of friends!
The smallest thing may come between
and, relationship, it ends!
It should not be this way at all;
much deeper friendship SHOULD be!
Yet, in the times and days that are,
too often such we see!
For we need one another more
than we have ever known.
Too many things are happening
that make us feel 'alone!'
But 'alone' we can NEVER be
as God is everywhere,
and He sends His Own throughout our lives
exhibiting His care.
And though 'issues' may arise that tax
but ALL relationships,
those of most import, the Lord,
with His Own grace, equips!
So cling to them so close to you,
release what matters not!
Much, much more importance each
relationship has got!
Dismiss those issues that would cause
but ANY rift to be,
and all the wealthier, your life
and loved ones, it will be!

Yes, so many 'things' are going on in this life.  Let not those 'things' come between you and your friends!  For 'friendship' is far more valuable than mere 'issues' that arise!

Friday, August 20, 2021

Easy Living

Spending the afternoon out on the deck.  Finally, it is cool enough to do so in comfort.  This is due to the presence of much-needed rain!  And, for such, we are VERY grateful!

The blossoms take advantage of

the gently falling rain.
FINALLY, some nourishment
be there for them to gain!
They shine but even through the rain
against the billows far;
the clouds and showers are.
But no one is complaining, save
the cats and dogs right now.
For they would rather chase each other,
or lie beneath the bough!
For they will have to wait inside
as God renews the land
with the precious, needed rain
that's pouring from His hand!
We wait beneath the covered deck
and savor precious scents
carried in the falling life,
soaked in by trees and plants!
Such has become so precious in
the days and times that are--
while some places have seen abundance,
others are few and far!

No complaints from this man, though,
I've learned to be content;
and, in HIS time, the precious rain,
unto us, will be sent.
And there's nothing like the music of it
upon a roof of steel!
The different rhythms of it you
can smell and hear and feel;
and NOTHING is so pressing that
this man cannot enjoy
the moments of this summer storm
that, others, may annoy!

Yes, I have come to enjoy all types of weather.  (Except the EXTREME heat and cold!)  And I know that, while I enjoy the gentle rain that's falling, there are places where too much rain has fallen, and they may be cursing such.  God is well aware of that, and I KNOW that He will balance it out somehow.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Don't ever hold back!

All busyness to halt for awhile.  Right now, Jesus is here!  This is no time for vain or empty requests, it is a time for heart-to-heart, REAL conversation.  Even if that entails hearty laughter, Jesus wants to be part of it!

All issues now to set aside,

(if only for awhile,)
that not a thing may come between
His voice and His real smile!
For I am with my Jesus, and
HIS TIME dictates events;
therefore, nothing hinders us,
and not a thing prevents!
He lectures not, but we 'converse'
just like a closest friend!
The ingredients of such a talk,
they do not have an end!
And it is ALWAYS 'dialogue'
not 'monologue' at all!
For ALWAYS He's available
whenever I should call!

How wonderful--relationship
with Christ--the King of kings;
and knowing that we can, (and DO)
discuss any and all things!
Not a thing be 'out of bounds'
when talking with my Lord.
The greatest of all liberties,
to us, does He afford!
For He wants far more than just this man
'reciting' written prayer!
He wants to look into my face,
mine every thought, to share!
For there is no time to 'waste' with Jesus,
ALL time counts with Him!
And NEVER I to leave His Presence
feeling down or dim!
He listens...answers...and responds
in ways that lift me up;
and I am filled when I depart
regardless of my cup!

Do YOU know Jesus in such a way?  Can YOU go to the Lord and talk about whatever it is that is on your heart?  You should!  For He is already fully aware of what your heart contains!  Why not talk about it all with the ONLY One Who can truly do something about it!

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Perfect Vision

Vision.  So much of this life depends upon it!  But Whose vision are you trusting most?  There is a sight that is far greater than ours, and His eyes will not ever let you get hurt!

I cannot see the future...
I know it is not here!
But this I know: that, if I leap,
the net, it will appear!
He has His eye upon me,
the order of each move;
and, moving ever-forward,
this life, it will improve!

Though I can't see in front of me,
I am not 'flying blind.'
He sees ahead...He sees below...
each side and that behind;
and His vision--it is perfect,
though I must use my own,
and, as I do so trusting Him,
success--it will be known!

Is YOUR vision hindered?
Does there seem to be a 'fog?'
Press on, depending on His lead,
you can avoid the 'bog!'
And you can have the peace in knowing
God has got the lead;
do not stop moving forward, as
it's God's voice that you heed!

The sight of God.  It is far more dependable than mine, and His lead is so great!  TRUST HIM!  You'll never regret it!

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

A Glorious End of Day

Savoring the backyard as the sun goes down.  It's been a busy day, filled with the gamut of situations, BUT GOD assures us it will be worth it all...

The scattered clouds are set aglow
by sun of afternoon.
The atmosphere is set to change,
but not too very soon.
Still is time to finish chores
while temperatures are prime;
out here, underneath the branches,
life--it is sublime!
There are feeders to be filled that so
attract the squirrels and birds,
and several vessels where they bathe--
simplicity beyond words!
That which had to be in town
has all now been completed,
and, by life throughout the backyard,
so happily, I'm greeted!

This life--it is as simple or
as hard as you desire.
Inside some be this subtle breeze,
in some, a raging fire!
Life requires both, and every
fashion in between;
if not, it would be boring and,
not too much, would it mean.
BUT GOD, He knows the balance and
what's best for one and all.
Commit your life unto Him and
obey His certain call.
He will put you where you fit best
and use you as just He could;
and you will come to realize
it's all for your own good!

Certainly, each of us have days and situations that we could not have desired, but God knows the purpose of each of them!  We may find out later, or we may never know!  Can YOU live with that?  Just know that, belonging to Him, whatever the situations are, it will, eventually, be worth it all!


Monday, August 16, 2021

Back to the River!

Ahh...right here is the perfect place to park.  No one else around.  No traffic...no schedule...no labors...just the glory of HIS creation...

The waters, they flow at a rate
that only He could know.
So very grateful we obeyed Him,
to THIS PLACE, to go!
The scenery is stellar, and
the trees, so lush and green!
The hints of 'fall' not to affect yet
this locale serene!

And the songs now emanating from
those trees outshine the sound
of the waters rushing past
the boulders that abound!
Those upon the wing, they even
come by to observe
the leisurely activities
that we so well deserve!

And, again, the primal scenery
surrounding constant flow
is of a level that mere words
may sparsely even know!
The gifted hills...the bluest skies...
and ONE cloud--white as snow--
so large and high above the hills,
not seeming yet to grow.
That cloud in metamorphosis 
as God and I converse.
Ways to spend this precious time--
oh, I know there are worse!
Rush not the moments, though, I pray
as water rushes past;
for I know that such activities,
they go by all too fast!

Once again, relaxing on the river, with NOTHING else around but His glorious creation!  O find me here more often!  Away from all if but for a few hours.  Life will go on, and it will be waiting when we return.  However, this is so beautiful and precious that it MUST be experienced...no matter how busy one may be!

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Sunday Spectacle!

The priceless opportunity to be in fellowship with God again!  Does it matter where?  Does it matter what we're doing?  Hmm....

Sunday morning sanctuary,
listening to praise.
This time, the rush of many waters
voice each verse and phrase!
A tributary of the Norfork
runs before our feet;
on the Sabbath, 'neath the canopy
of many oaks we meet!

Clearly is His Presence in
the shades and gentle wind.
He brought us here again so peace
at HIS pace would descend!
Nothing of the day about
to hinder or distract,
even the heat of summertime
He motioned to retract!

The rushing of the river
generates a soothing breeze
below the limbs and colors of
the canopy of trees.
The fishers and the fishermen,
they practice 'cat-and-mouse'
in this paradise so far
away from work and house.

Yes, Sunday morning sanctuary--
only HE provides.
Away from every stress and any
issue that divides!
So necessary is this time,
and God, He knew it well!
He made this moment of repose
to see that we excel!

Yes, we missed church.  Or did we?  God was definitely present in that place.  We distinctly heard His voice, and we savored fellowship one with another in the glory of His creation!


Saturday, August 14, 2021


Ahh...finally, all is finished for the day.  And success was enjoyed...and still is!  Just look out there across the mighty landscape that HE created...

The silence of a Saturday
when everything is done!
Enjoying it with God Most High--
the One and only ONE!
With not a breeze at all to stir
the surface of the lake,
a long, relaxing look at it
but slowly I to take!
But 'stillness' isn't everywhere--
the hummingbirds are busy!
They use the feeders at a rate
that would make one so dizzy!
Darting at each other and then
lighting for a taste...
so very fortunate are we
so witnessing the chased!

And, past the lake, above the hills,
the thunderheads amass.
Late this night or early morning,
overhead, they'll pass;
freshening the air and feeding
everything with 'living'
with the precious, glory rain
that they will be giving!

Afternoon...after work...
the coolness and the calm,
it is availed straight from
God Creator's mighty palm!
For He is glorified as time
appears to stop at all!
The silence of a Saturday
that God creates to fall!

Enjoy that silence while the 'busyness' is not busy at all!  Such times are precious jewels placed by God strategically along the way...to be found by His faithful!


Friday, August 13, 2021

One Thing Left!

Getting things accomplished again.  Doing my best to do my best for others...all with a yearning desire so deep within--one that can only be accomplished by ONE THING:

"O time, come ye that we'll ascend
to where GOOD things shall never end!
A Presence and a Person there
Who makes His home not ANYWHERE;
a Place where time is measured not,
with nothing sold and nothing bought,
and all that's needed to survive
is There before we each arrive!
And Perfect be That Land ahead
that He's prepared to which we're led;
no more trials...no more tears...
no 'finding ourselves in arrears...'
for God will walk us down That Street
where we'll be whole, we'll be complete!"

And time, (that, somehow, He'll replace)
will be spent worshiping His Grace!
In fellowship with Christ The King
and all of His Own He will bring
with Him at the trumpet blast,
No trepidation...worry...fret
of what will be, of what we'll get,
just sheer perfection finally
where, constant, will His Presence be!

for which Christ paid the greatest price
is there afforded unto them
that give the heart, in whole, to Him!

Oh... just think about it!  Perfect Paradise forevermore!  Greater, however, seeing our precious Lord and Savior face-to-face and embracing Him with thanksgiving!  WON'T IT BE WONDERFUL THERE?!


Thursday, August 12, 2021

Today's View

The day off from labor once again.  Many, however, have not such luxury, so let me try to describe what I can see for you out the window...

The sun shines brightly as the breeze
would make to dance the stately trees;
and, though the heat may halt events,
NOTHING, the awe of sights, prevents!
It's beheld right now behind the glass.
This evening, when the heat is past,
out on the deck we'll savor sights,
and thank God for all of His delights!
For He dispenses them at will.
And them that notice get the thrill 
of visions that are only made
by Him and, by His voice, displayed!

So very many shades of green...
the richest blues above each scene...
the whitest billows to the north,
from whence, much later, rain comes forth!
Also, the rainbow on the wing,
fly by and, merrily, they sing
an endless sonnet, glorifying
Creator God Who keeps them flying!

Another priceless summer day
before the eyes upon display
for anyone who makes the time
to realize it in its prime!
Time well spent, the writer knows
and tries to capture it in prose 
that might relate it unto all
who may not have such wherewithal!

Yes, while many toil and grind and take care of what MUST be done, God is busy manufacturing glorious views and vistas for the fortunate few to take in.  It is the purpose of this pen to capture such and relate them to all, that they may not go unnoticed!
I hope you enjoyed today's view!


Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Constant Ministry

This world is a very busy place.  Our lives are very busy places!  There are places to go, things to do, and people to meet.  It is the same for all of us, but those who belong to God through Christ have 'goods' and 'services' that others do not have.  Have YOU noticed that?

So very many people
inside our lives each day.
God puts them there with purposes
along the Narrow Way.
Some make the journey easier...
some need ministry...
others--they are challenges
that, better, we would be.
But ALL have great importance in
the eyes of God Most High.
If I can 'better' someone's day,
a better man am I!
And ALL for Jesus' glory, as
He is the One Who leads;
to hear...to listen...to reach out--
that is how one succeeds.

Yea, though many are the people,
the numbers matter not.
What is of most import is that,
a glimpse of God, they got!
That 'mustard seed' was planted--
God knows where it will lead;
and that will happen only when
His leading I will heed.

Yes, so many people in our lives.  Such is settled truth.  What I failed to mention in this devotion today is that there are people that come into our lives that can be 'toxic.'  Some would argue that you are to take them in and minister to them.  GOD also points out that, in attempting such, they can be the ones that pull you away from Him, drag you down spiritually, or even adversely affect you emotionally.  Be open, but be careful, as well!


Monday, August 9, 2021

Can I even get more?

Whomever you are, the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ is availed to you.  Without measure.  Regardless how you think or feel...or the 'current school of thought!'

Must I unlearn what I've been taught
to learn, Lord, more of You?
But You come to me where I am at,
Lord, everyday anew!
Of a truth, I have some traits 
that oft get in the way,
BUT GOD, You help me overcome
that victory be my stay!!
And so do You for each of us
who truly seek Your face.
You do so of abundant love
and overwhelming grace!
You WANT this man so greatly that,
my faults, You look beyond
and even cause me overcome them
as You are so fond!

You see me as I am and yet,
You visit me each day,
regardless what I've said or done
somewhere along the way.
Your grace, Your grace, it covers me,
forgiveness to abound!
In YOU, O great and mighty God
may ever I be found!!"

Oh, the wondrous grace of THE loving, caring Lord God!  There is NOTHING else like it, I cannot live without it, and never want to be separated from Him!  He is so good to us!


Sunday, August 8, 2021

Beautiful Wealth!

Aaahh...relaxing on a Sunday afternoon.  Reflecting on a week that included a myriad of situations...all of which God brought us through!  But how do them without God look back on their week?  How do they define 'wealth' and 'success?'

The winds, they are composing with
the pine trees and the chimes;
so bountiful, the music!  Oh
the rhythm and the rhymes!
The branches dance so lightly and,
so slowly, shed their leaves...
enjoyable--the musical
from here below the eaves!

All the land begins to change
each day, as time goes on.
They will don more beauty, then,
with time, it will be gone.
But not right now!  The spectacle
has only just begun!
'Twill be enjoyed a couple months
before its show is done.

And I converse once more with God
as hummingbirds zip by.
We talk about them and the others
that effortlessly fly.
And we discuss the days that are
in ways I understand
as He assures me, yet again,
all things are in His hand!

So wonderful, this country life
with which I have been blessed!
God sees to it every facet
of wonder is addressed!
The birds are happy...squirrels are happy...
folks are happy, too;
we yet but seek that Trumpet Blast
where EVERYTHING is new!

A beautiful wife...an acre of land...a wonderful home...and JESUS!  Truly, I am a very wealthy man!  How do you measure your wealth?  If it be an accumulation of anything but God's Presence, then you are surely missing out!

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Family Fellowship

Church.  With precious family that we do not always see often enough.  Does the 'location' matter?  Is the 'sanctuary' always a 'building?'  Hmm...

The Lord's Day, Sunday, after church.
Finally, to take a break.
A drink on ice beside, as I
look out across the lake.
Thinking of the week behind
and what God said today...
taking in the view, while 
pondering a better way.
Not wasting time "what-iffing," but
"what better could I do?"
It is so very simple with
the glory of this view!

Not too much time to spend on such,
as I have loved ones near.
The children and grandchildren, they
have gathered with us here!
And they, too, are taken by the glory
of many a sight;
for we just a bald eagle
go slowly by in flight!!
Gliding just above the water
then lighting on a branch;
I heard they live up on that bluff
that's just beyond that ranch!

Sunday, Sunday wonders--they are
beautiful, you know!
Unto a very 'unique' service,
this day, did we go!
And Christ went with us to enjoy
our laughter, fun and love;
for He stays not always on His throne
there in the heights above!

Yes, some would argue that.  Let them.  I know that Jesus accompanies us wherever we go...even when we may miss a 'service' to savor fellowship out in His glorious creation!  GOD IS SO GOOD!


Thursday, August 5, 2021


All the signs are there.  All things are in place.  All that's left is to hear the Trumpet Blast and we shall Jesus coming in the clouds!!  My friend, let NOTHING of this world embezzle you out of that TRUTH!  No matter how rough it gets!

"My soul, my heart, they are secure.
I know, I know I shall endure
the times set yet to come, the days,
the end result shall be Your praise!
But through the days and times ahead,
Your songs are sung, Your Word is read
because You have enabled me,
in EVERY time, Your Light to see!
For those 'times' are NOW throughout the world:
rebellion is...disease unfurled...
'brotherly love' is waxing cold
just like, throughout Your Pages, told!
BUT GOD, there be a precious few,
a 'Remnant' yet be standing true;
and we are doing all we can
to edify our fellow man!

O strengthen, Lord, the faithful here
that we continue persevere
through trial...tribulation....pain...
shining so that more may gain
but just a glimpse of Heavenview,
thus leading more souls unto You!

The days that are be nothing new.
For You assured us they were due,
and even 'faithful' would turn away.
(Of such as this, Lord, let's not say!)
Instead, let's look to that ahead
where all is good to whence we're led!
Where all is perfect in That Place
and we will see You, face-to-face!!"

"EVEN SO. COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!" the yearning heart and soul are yet to cry!  Of a truth, we are in the end times.  Even the most devout yet argue the DATE AND TIME of His return, but let's not be blinded to the truth of how wonderful it will be when we get There!!


A True 'Friend!'

Ever have those relationships that seem 'one-sided,' or seem to only go one way?  (That is, unless, the other party 'needs' something.)  Too many times in too many lives that happens.  And, (me being a people-person,) I hear about it and see it all the time...

Where are you when there is no need
and everything is fine?
I hear from you when trouble strikes,
whether it's yours or mine.
I'd like to hear and talk with you
about 'nothing at all,'
but, as it is, with such as that,
'tis I who make the call.
Am I just a 'convenient' or
a 'necessary' friend?
Relationships like that so very
quickly come to end!
I'd like to hear from you when there
'is not much happening...'
but, as it is, you only call
when difficulties bring.
For that is not 'friendship' at all,
it's 'utility,'
merely a pointless exercise
in 'futility!'
I'd rather have you be around
in bad times AND the good,
for, then, a TRUE relationship
but savor each we could!

I know you're there...you know I'm here
and, often, I reach out,
but hearing back with only 'need,'
would cause this man to doubt
the depth of a relationship
that's supposed to be 'both ways.'
Perhaps that's just the world we live in
in these latter days...

I want and need you and, hopefully, you want and need me.  God put us on this earth for each other.  But all too often, we get so busy with so many things that do not matter that we neglect the 'things' that matter most.  May we be ever so cautious to avoid such a snare, as none of us are getting any younger, and time is diminishing at a rate we cannot fathom!


Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Whenever Day Begins

Starting out, I take my coffee out on the porch and look around at life.  I have learned the value of this time to take note of what's happening and prepare myself for the day.  It is a priceless time!

Once again, a tapestry begins,
as God Creator sees the land and grins.
The colors He would choose this day to use
contrast against infinity of blues!
So gentle be the season on the land
amidst the opportunities at hand.
I have opportune to visit God Most High
as He makes all of life intensify!
Especially 'creation' on this day,
as season-tide begins to slowly sway.
I will enjoy it for long as I can,
as, months from now, be 'chilling' to this man!
But not right now; the weather is still hot,
and several hours has this person got
to enjoy his Father and creation--
the Three of Us, we have a great relation!

The chores and the assignments will get done,
and success will come from each and every one;
and TRUE SUCCESS is right now, in His care,
and even later, as He's with me everywhere!

True successes.  They are available each and every day.  Some just take more effort to achieve, BUT GOD is there, each step of the way, all day long!  Make sure you take time to enjoy His Presence, though, before you set out to do what you do...whatever time of day that starts!


Tuesday, August 3, 2021


Late afternoon.  Out on the back deck savoring winding down from the day.  But I am not alone.  My wife and the very Creator of creation is with me, and we are watching some of his most delightful beings!

Watching the daily battle:
the hummingbirds at war!
Oftentimes their antics,
so very high, to soar!
Then diving back down to the feeders
for another 'sip;'
a ritual of season I
don't ever want to skip!

I watch it with the very One
Who crafted their design
and spoke them into being with
but just a single line!
Yes, Father God sits next to me
as, coffee, We enjoy,
savoring the wondrous beauty 
August would deploy!
And, as we talk in observation, 
music is everywhere
from the others 'on the wing'
in trees and in the air!
They seek treats, as well, as I've not
had time to put theirs out--
for God is with us, and this time
is ever so devout!
He edifies us as we chat
about the days ahead;
we glorify Him back with thanks
that we are Spirit-led!
And time goes by so rapidly
when we are in this place
soaking in the wonders He
created by His grace!

Yes, day is done...with success yet again.  God assisted me with people all day long and now He rewards with His Presence, glimpses of His glory and the wonders of His creation!  He is so good to them that serve Him!


Monday, August 2, 2021

In Desperation

The days and the times that are.  We are all involved in them.  But just how many of us are TRULY succeeding and progressing.  Sure, it LOOKS to the eye like we are, but there are folks out there that are suffering...and some of us are not even seeing it!

"In desperation, o my God, I come.
I know Your victory--it is my sum.
But God, sometimes this life would so encroach
that Your hallowed Presence I must so approach!
For I know that You accompany without end;
You are my everything, brother and my Friend,
oh, but there are times assurances I so need,
and there You are, with embrace, to intercede!

I have access, Lord, to all this life can do;
oh, but there are times when I want only You!
And, at those times, You do not disappoint:
Your touch, Your eyes, Your heart would so anoint!
No matter how deep desperation be,
You have The Way to help me clearly see;
You have a love, rejuvenating so,
enabling this man to, onward, go!

In desperation, Lord, I come once more.
And You know exactly what I'm coming for:
that which be availed no other place--
mercy...love...peace...hope...amazing grace!
You see the things that no one else can see,
and that's exactly what You give to me!
In desperation, o my God, I come,
and perfect restoration be the sum!

How about YOU?  Are you in a situation or a place that is or feels 'desperate?'  Jesus fully understands, and He will provide exactly what you need if You will only call upon Him!  Don't let anything or anyone hinder you, and don't be ashamed or embarrassed to tell someone.  PLEASE!


Sunday, August 1, 2021

Days of Precedence

Another busy day in a busy world that seems to be on edge.  So many 'events' taking place in so many places, 'events' that we have never even heard of.  BUT GOD is aware of them, and He is in complete control...regardless what we hear, think or feel!

Where are You when I cannot understand?
When situations all get out of hand?
When issues seem beyond all my control?
I need a place to breathe and be made whole!

Where are You when others can't understand?
Them that, the impossible, would demand?
I can only give and do, Lord, just so much;
but, to that fact, so many are out of touch!!

Where are You?  You're standing with me, oft alone.
Your empathy and perfect care to be there known!
You stable me as You look into my eyes,
alleviating all stresses that would arise!

Where are You?  But, Lord, I NEVER have to ask!
For You are with me, regardless of the task!
Mine each and every step have You ordained,
and, in You, peace and assurance is contained!

An awful lot of folks are looking around at the world these days and asking "Where is God through all of this?"  I assure you, He is omnipresent, and NOTHING escapes his notice!  For therein lies all the peace and hope that we need to endure!