Saturday, July 10, 2021

What it Will Take

The more that time goes on, the more we seem to get into our 'schedules.'  Perhaps that is why The Spirit made it a point to record the times that Jesus 'disappeared' to be alone with His Father?  He KNEW the dangers of getting 'too busy!'

"You look right through me as you pass
to get done what you must;
that from which I'm suffering--
it cannot be discussed...
then people ask me why I struggle 
with a thing called 'trust...'
who am I?

You rush the meeting that we have
so you can make the next...
and when I do not recognize you
you seem so perplexed...
STOP!  Look into the mirror, tell me
who is it that reflects...
who are you?

I took your money at the window
today when you came by.
You looked not at your bill as I
thanked you and said 'Goodbye...'
that someone else paid most of it
not even caught your eye...
who were they?

In a time whose motto seems
to scream out "GO! GO! GO!"
Wonders take place all around,
but do we even know?!
We rush to do 'inferior,'
while 'extraordinary' waits;
Will our actions and our deeds
be that which seals our fates? 
The beautiful is happening
in and around our lives.
Even a miracle occurs
but, when it arrives
we are 'involved' in something else
and notice not the wonder...
Perhaps that's why, when GOD performs,
He follows it with thunder?

Slow down, my friend!  Take time to notice the 'little' miracles that occur in our lives all day long!  MAYBE then, it won't take THUNDER to get our attention!


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