Sunday, July 18, 2021

Time so Priceless!

The chores are complete.  All things have been taken care of.  Finally, time to relax and unwind...

Above the sounds of 'living' now
are precious sounds of 'life:'
the winds that whisper...the song of birds...
and 'silence' minus strife!
It is a brief escape from 
everything that must be done,
and proves to all there really is
'something new beneath the sun!'
And as I pen this line, above me,
in slow-motion to soar,
in a straight line goes a blue heron!
Looks like a dinosaur!
He's on his way down to the lake
that's just beyond the trees.
Just watching him so slowly pass
contributes to the ease!

God wanted me to see all this
at this time of the day
to make sure I do not forget
He has The Better Way!
All the while, heard in the distance,
is the harried pace
that, sadly, has become the norm
in this most beautiful place!
But 'busy' He cares not about,
'quality' is His concern;
I see it very clearly, oh,
but when will others learn?

Of a truth, there be a myriad of things competing for our time, but just how many of them are considered 'quality?'  Make sure you fill your life with those things.


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