Saturday, July 3, 2021

Those Necessary Conversations

Taking time now to be with God.  ON PURPOSE!  As I do so this time, there is a wonderful rainfall going on!  How priceless!!

Ahhh...the sweetness of a summer rain
across the rolling hills and living plain!
Not even can it silence winged refrain!
Each moment of it is to our own gain!
The coffee is ready over in the pot.
An ample cup I make sure I have got
before, out on the porch, I meet with God,
His wonder and the wet to, there, applaud!

Everything that's scheduled for today
will be successful because He is THE WAY!
Not any other reason do I know,
only His Holy Word says "It is so!"
And He's been faithful for, lo, these many years;
over time, He's eliminated fears.
So I KNOW whatever holds the days ahead,
to His victory, I'm surely led!
Oh, but before that's concern at all,
commune do we as raindrops freely fall;
He waters all the land I have for free
as He talks, laughs and tarries here with me!

It's the talk we have that is of most import
as, through the day, to His words, I resort;
and throughout the day there will be victories,
because of time like this and talks like these!

THOSE talks!  They are so precious, so priceless, so free!  All one must do is set aside time ON PURPOSE and Jesus will join you to converse.  It's that simple.  DON'T COMPLICATE IT!  He has a word specifically for you if you will only take time to LISTEN.


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