Sunday, July 11, 2021

Sunday Morning Sanctuary

Sunday morning.  On my way to God's house to hear what He has to say?  Did I go to a 'service?'  You decide...

The sound of rushing waters
below the mighty dam--
a perfect, constant symphony 
and, entertained, I am!
While loved ones catch Rainbow and Brown,
catching words am I
as I sit here with The Creator,
Father God Most High!

Enjoyable and entertaining,
such activity;
relaxing, even, in this canyon,
breezes oh so free!
Watching those so close playing
the ultimate 'cat-and-mouse;'
fishing down at Dry Run Creek,
away from work and house!

The constant sound of rushing waters
soothes like nothing can!
God created such relaxing
as part of His plan
to break up the monotony
that's often every day--
the fish...the birds...the trees...the kids...
the wonder of His Way!

Not even sprinkles are to hinder
fun of afternoon!
More oft must we partake of this--
reality to prune!
Rush not the moments, oh, so precious
underneath these trees!
Oh, the value of such times
and memories as these!

No.  I did not got to church this morning.  Or did I?  One would have a challenging time debating me on that point, as we found God, perfect sanctuary and fellowship where we were!  I pray that YOU found the same where you were!


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