Monday, July 19, 2021

One Special Man

Taking a moment out in the glory of God's creation to go over the memories I have of special folks.  One in particular comes to the forefront of my heart...

The sticky breeze is cool today,

it has an able wind;
I so enjoy the feel of it
as verses, they are penned!
They are written as I have a brother
heavy on my heart;
the prayers of many people for him
unto God depart!
He may not even realize
his value or his worth,
(though he is in that 'inner circle'
I keep here on earth!)
For sure, these days have been a challenge
unto one and all,
and he is one with 'feet dug in,'
answering the call!
But 'life' has gotten to him, and
we need to let him know
that he's a pillar unto us,
(and some he doesn't know!)
"So, Lord, please help this man to know
his value and his worth,
and he has an effect on life
on MANY on this earth!
In life, in leisure, labor and
so many other ways,
he is a light to oh so many 
in these latter days!"

Be there a person in YOUR life
that makes it smoothly go?
Just how long has it been, my friend,
since you have told them so?
For they may need to hear
appreciation you contain,
as, to the eyes, the stress and pressure
is not always plain.

Each of us have someone or several people in our lives that mean so much to us.  Life would not be the same without them, but how often have we told them that?  Make it a point to pray for and appreciate those few in your lives often.  They need it more than you know!

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