Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Not always FIRST thing!

What time does your day begin?  It differs for every one of us, but God wants to be part of it!  And, with life being the way it is, such is a necessity for such as we!

Before I rush into the fray
that waits for me in town...
before the issues of the day
attempt to sink and drown...
I open up God's Word out in
the Spring of His creation
and, with Him alone, I have
unique communication!

I read a verse or two then hear
the choir in the limbs;
I read a chapter and discern
such sweet, melodious hymns;
I digest a few more verses
His sweet voice to hear,
giving me the route for this day
and where to go from here.

This time, it be of most import
for ANY to succeed!
Whatever time YOUR day begins,
take time, His voice, to heed!
He has instruction, inspiration,
love and peace and hope
that's necessary for ALL men
to press on, prosper and to cope!

The day is busy.  God understands.  Sometimes, it is not until the day is half-way over that I get a decent amount of time to spend with Him.  But He understands that, and sees to my success anyway.  He's ALWAYS available, and He DESIRES to hear from each of us!

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