Thursday, July 8, 2021

Miss Pat

Once again, I sit here at the desk in shock. All I have to offer are the words that God loans to me. Let's see what He gives me this time...

"Goodbye, Buzz. I love you hon.
Come here for your embrace..."
For almost 15 years she said
before I left that place.
Next to me on the line for years
When I moved to the window
prayer requests we started sharing.
"The ambulance came and got Miss Pat!"
I heard a week ago.
"She had some trouble with her heart
is all the news we know."
And then, last night, we got a call
"Miss Pat has passed away."
Emotions raw, I pen this word,
but what can verses say?!
The love that she possessed for all
that worked with her in town;
the love we have FOR HER the same,
not ever will go down!
And the effect she has on us
will last throughout our living--
her giggle echoing through our hearts,
her smile, ever-giving!
"Rest ye well, my sister!
Celebrate forever on!
We know you are with Jesus, but
you NEVER will be gone
from our hearts and our memories,
and we will meet yet soon
when God gives Gabriel command
to blow that Rapture tune!"
So many memories. So many smiles. So many tears. They all culminate in the hearts of them that knew the goodness this beautiful woman!
In HIS Service,

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