Thursday, July 15, 2021

"Like Little Children"

NOT 'just another day!'  Not this time.  We are in the company of some very special people.  The grandkids have joined us out on the deck and we are being entertained by God Himself!

An 'average' weekly morning with
a very 'unique' sound:
wooden lids open and close
as precious food is found!
The squirrels at the many feeders 
dine and entertain...
and the song of countless birds
is anything but 'plain!'

Oh, so very precious is
this time that's to be spent.
We have the grandkids for awhile--
back home their daddy went.
And all the little gifts from God--
the animals and birds--
papa gets to explain to them
using their own words!

What an honor!  What a blessing
having kids around!
Nothing like THEIR reality
to keep me on the ground!
The wonder that they each contain
and find just anywhere
makes life a better place to be,
and easier to bear!
Is this why, in His Word, The Lord
instructs us each to be
'like these little ones..." with every
new day that we see?
filled with expectation...
It be the greatest way to live,
regardless occupation!

"Like little children..."  Not throwing a tantrum when life doesn't go our way, but filled with awe and spectacle with each moment that passes!  So let us all WHATEVER we have to do!


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