Friday, July 23, 2021

Just 'noise?'

Our lives are busy.  That's a given.  Depending on who and where you are, said life can be quite noisy.  However, even amidst the 'noise,' have you the ability to 'listen?'

Listening and hearing;
discerning as He leads.
The heart to find rejoicing...
the surely bleeds!
So many people suffering,
so various the cause;
simple be the answer:
before the Lord to pause!

So many are the 'noises,'
but listen to the 'sounds;'
in pleasant ones, the voice of God--
it certainly resounds
addressing all the issues that
the 'noises' are about,
providing necessary answers
unto the devout!

'Listening' and 'hearing--'
so different the two!
Tune the heart to so discern
and, better, will be you!
For God has oh so much to say
to them that will be wise.
A better day, a better life
you'll truly realize!

Yes, God has so much to each of us.  One can certainly 'hear' his voice, but it takes training to truly 'listen!'  And them that 'listens' be granted the ability to minister to them that are in pain!


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