Thursday, July 1, 2021

Have you told them yet?

As I sat this morning with God and pondered events of late, I was minded of all the folks and friends that impact or have impacted my life.  And then He asked me a very hard question:  "My son. have you told them so?  Ouch!!

There are a list of folks inside our lives.

The heart jumps each time one of them arrives!
You know that list!  And every heart has one!
It is a list of folks that make life FUN!

But how long has it been since you told them so?
For some of them, they REALLY need to know!
For we all go through this life in different ways.
Some of us may need a word of praise!
Some may need to know they're appreciated;
(maybe, for THAT cause, YOU were created?)
Perhaps one needs someone to pray for them...
or be taken to the silence of His hem?
Perhaps one needs 'permission' to rejoice?
(In this day's world, such is an arduous choice.)
Or maybe one out there just needs a hand
and somebody to say 'I understand?'

Oh yes, we have so many on our list;
and, for one reason or another, they exist.
They are secured so deep inside the heart,
and, in our lives, each has an integral part!
Oh, let them know the value they possess;
and that, your life, they have definitely blessed!
For they are gifts straight from the Master's hand--
such truth, they need to know and understand!

Oh yes, each of us has so many involved in our personal lives for which we are very grateful.  But when was the last time you went out of your way to let them know just how grateful you are for them and the value they possess?  
It's NEVER too late!  DO NOT put it off any longer!  Even if you think you do not have the proper words, pray about it first, and God Himself will help you get your point across!
'Thank you, Steve!'

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