Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Great Necessity

Seeking out that special place where the toils, trials and triumphs of the day cannot go.  I know where it is, and it is NEVER far!

In the secret place
surrendered to His grace;
no other sounds around,
just His voice is found.
And, in His every word,
provision is occurred:
the manna of His love...
the 'wise' He is full of...
the peace that is so real...
I see...I hear...I feel!

The secret place--so real!
It has such great appeal!
Longs He for one and all
to find that place and call!
It differs for us each,
but His own heart we reach!
We listen and receive,
and we hesitate to leave!

In the secret place--
stop time while we embrace;
cease all while we converse
of what none may rehearse!
That priceless time with Christ,
it be not 'sacrificed'
due every benefit
that comes by way of it!

That 'secret place.'  It be a necessary staple of each day in this life!  And God is ALWAYS faithful to meet us there.  All it takes is sacrificing time, rearranging our schedule just a bit to attend...and it is worth more than gold!


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