Saturday, July 24, 2021

God and The Day!

Another full and wonderful day.  It all started with Him and, now that it is somewhat over, I am with Him again.  HE NEVER LEFT ME!  So is the wonder of each day to them that belong to Him!

"Good day to You, my Father!
What a masterpiece you've made!
The sun, so very vibrant, casts
a multitude of shade!
That shade be necessary as
July comes to an end;
the heat that's generating makes
Me see that shade as 'friend!'
But even though the temperatures,
upon this day, may soar,
so colorful be fields and hills,
birds and folks and more
seen from my office as I labor
for the greater good...
You are so very generous
to show me what You would!

And 'for the greater good' may I
pen yet another word?
You know that, glory to Your Name,
in such will be occurred!
For how can I pen what I see
without revealing You?
Such cannot be, as this great gift,
without You, I can't do!

So be magnified, my Father, as
I pen to folks around
the wonders, sights and miracles
that mine eyes have found
as I look out the window in
the middle of the day,
in between the constant tasks
upon The Narrow Way!

Such is certainly my goal, my purpose.  These words are for God's glory, about God's glory and the many facets of His being!  He is hope, peace, beauty, wonder, assurance, prosperity...the list is endless!  HE IS GOD!!


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