Friday, July 16, 2021

But God is Aware!

There are some days when we get so caught up with life that, when we finally get home, all we can do is cry out for His return.  Trust me, He understands fully!

"COME QUICKLY!" cries the busy heart
as waning hours pass
now that assignments are complete,
successes to amass,
there's yet a yearning for His Heaven
deep, so deep inside!
How many are the days to come
'fore such be satisfied?!

Oh, but through these days that linger yet
there's so much to behold,
fabricated by His hand
from subtle unto bold!
The colors of the spectrum are now
with life in full-bloom;
with just as many essences--
oh, His sweet perfume!

Afternoon in God's creation
when the day is done;
singing out His praise, assuring
Him He's Number One!
So blessed and highly favored, them
that recognize such way!
"O come, Lord, as I so enjoy
Your works upon display!"

Yes, we may grow weary of this old world and its ways, but God sees to it that we have much to behold, ponder and be grateful for!  WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!


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