Sunday, July 25, 2021

Brother Andy

Every one of us have a circle of friends and acquaintances that treasure us and we treasure them.  The drummer of a major Christian band was part of my circle, and we lost him recently in an accident.  He will be greatly missed, but his memory and his music live on...

The larger be the circle
unto which we belong,
the greater be the repertoire
of melody and song!
And more intense the magnitude
of empathy and care.
Unfortunately, those circles are
increasingly more rare!

And in those precious circles be
the gamut of emotion,
as thence we be more comfortable
in sharing our devotion.
And THERE we celebrate each other's
breakthrough victories;
there, we feel each other's pain
of trials and tragedies.
We do so yet again while learning
of another loss:
a drummer and a man of God,
never words to gloss!
Two wooden sticks that minister,
to worship and to reach...
not always will the pastor be
the only one to 'preach!'

"God bless you, brother Andy!
But this is not 'goodbye.'
It's only 'See you later!' 'til
we meet in bye-and-bye!
Enjoy the celebration, as
you walk that gilded place
hand-in-hand with Jesus--Him
Who saves us by His grace!"

Yes, we will meet again, and he will STILL be playing music that glorifies Jesus Christ!  He is physically gone from this life, but he is certainly not forgotten!


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