Saturday, July 17, 2021

Beyond our Grasp!

Yes, beyond our grasp...BUT REAL!  Yes, Heaven IS real...and it is closer than one can imagine!  Just look inside His Word and catch the wonder and thrill of That awaiting!

In realms we cannot fathom, there
is much activity!
Celebrations are that will
contain, soon, such as we!
the anthem in that Place,
all toward the Lord our God
Who saved us by His grace!

Though endlessly it's written, it
is yet beyond our grasp.
Unto brief glimpses from The Spirit,
tightly, though, we clasp!
Descriptions in His Word attempt
to tell us of That Place,
but God is clear: we cannot know
until we're face-to-face!

So cling ye to those glimpses,
my friend, as you press on;
even if your joy and hope
may 'feel' completely gone,
trust NOT the 'feelings,' trust THE TRUTH
that we shall wing our way
unto that perfect, joyous Place
when God, Himself, will say!!

'The Trumpet will sound.  The dead in Christ shall arise.  And then we who are alive shall be caught up to meet Him in the air!  There to spend eternity with Him!"  Oh, what precious, hopeful and trustworthy promises from God!  Take none of them for granted!!


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