Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Because We Talk

Another busy day.  Another SUCCESSFUL day due to The One that I started it with!  I met with Him this morning as I had my coffee out on the deck.  We are free to talk about anything and everything, so we did!

Another day of choices
'midst labors and all 'chore,'
I finish up the tasks at hand
and I hand off the store.
The evening shift is capable,
so back home do I go
where peace resides and setting sun
sets all the leaves aglow!

The nation is so busy with
remarks and speculation,
but I have peace within due to
a 'guaranteed' relation!
For God will still be God regardless
what reports come in,
and Jesus will retain His throne
upon the heart within.

While others panic and suspect,
I sit down and recline.
I look across the land and hear
the sounds so very fine!
And I visit with the very One
with ALL THINGS in His hand!
For His works, they are on a scale
so very, very grand!

Those closest to His heart, for they
are very well aware
that EVERYTHING about this life
is underneath His care!
And peace CAN BE regardless of
the outcome of events!
For God is in complete control
of what life represents!

You, too, can have such positive assurance inside of you.  Just realize that He is God, ask Him to be your Savior, and give your heart to Him.  The peace resulting from that is more beautiful that any poet can capture!


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