Sunday, July 4, 2021

A sweetest 'Sanctuary!'

Sunday afternoon.  The week is done.  'Church' is over for the day...or is it?  It all depends on your definition of 'church!'  There are many places I can find God in His 'sanctuary...'

The dogs are barking at the squirrels

that I am trying to feed...
the sparrows are yelling at the finches
that are hogging seed...
hummingbirds chase one another
in and out of shade...
all beneath the canopy
that God Himself has made!

For there be none other so creative
as to make those trees;
Causing them to dance so gently
in the slightest breeze!
Making them to have so many
different kinds of life--
the backyard, it is so alive!
Variety so rife!

"Thank You, God, for Sunday afternoon!
Thank You that, this way, we may commune!
'Sanctuary' outside my back door,
Your glorious creation to adore!"

I am so blessed, so wealthy to have such an incredible opportunity to observe my Father as He goes about His business.  He is so very generous to allow us the time to enjoy the workings of His hands!
What a wonder our God is!

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