Monday, July 5, 2021

A Day Late?

Yes, I know.  I missed the mark.  This should have been written for yesterday, Independence Day, for the 95% of us that take such for granted.

I am free to get into a car and drive across state lines.  I am free to drive north or south and get into another country if I want to!  Too many that I know take such for granted.
I am free to walk out of my front door and and go as far as I physically can.  I am free to walk into any establishment and apply for a job or partake of their services!
There are places on this globe where you can do none of the above!  There are places in this world where you can only work and do and go where they say you can!  (And, in some places, that is only if you are a male!)  But in America there is equal and ample opportunity for all!  And, if there is a place you CANNOT, it's not because of the government, it is because of the ignorance and selfishness of said owners!  They are free to do so as well, but they shall also reap what they sow!  THAT is a truth that CANNOT be changed!!
July 4th.  We celebrate liberty on this day like no other.  But not JUST today...but EVERY DAY we are able to buy whatever we want...and it is all due to the grace of God Most High alone!  THE God Who gave His one begotten Son that we might obtain the ultimate freedom: liberty from sin and its consequences!  We are so very blessed to have the choice to choose Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior!  Never, ever take that choice and opportunity for granted!
For there will be a day, (that The Father only knows,) that being 'American' will have no weight whatsoever.  For on THAT day, the only thing that will matter is whether we are born again in Jesus Christ, His Son!  No 'nationality,' 'citizenship,' 'status' nor any other thing that 'man' measures us by will matter then!
Enjoy our independence.  Celebrate it, for sure!  But know that there is Someone far more liberating than 'nationality' or 'race!'  His Name is Jesus Christ.  God, the Son!

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