Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Great Necessity

Seeking out that special place where the toils, trials and triumphs of the day cannot go.  I know where it is, and it is NEVER far!

In the secret place
surrendered to His grace;
no other sounds around,
just His voice is found.
And, in His every word,
provision is occurred:
the manna of His love...
the 'wise' He is full of...
the peace that is so real...
I see...I hear...I feel!

The secret place--so real!
It has such great appeal!
Longs He for one and all
to find that place and call!
It differs for us each,
but His own heart we reach!
We listen and receive,
and we hesitate to leave!

In the secret place--
stop time while we embrace;
cease all while we converse
of what none may rehearse!
That priceless time with Christ,
it be not 'sacrificed'
due every benefit
that comes by way of it!

That 'secret place.'  It be a necessary staple of each day in this life!  And God is ALWAYS faithful to meet us there.  All it takes is sacrificing time, rearranging our schedule just a bit to attend...and it is worth more than gold!


Sunday, July 25, 2021

Brother Andy

Every one of us have a circle of friends and acquaintances that treasure us and we treasure them.  The drummer of a major Christian band was part of my circle, and we lost him recently in an accident.  He will be greatly missed, but his memory and his music live on...

The larger be the circle
unto which we belong,
the greater be the repertoire
of melody and song!
And more intense the magnitude
of empathy and care.
Unfortunately, those circles are
increasingly more rare!

And in those precious circles be
the gamut of emotion,
as thence we be more comfortable
in sharing our devotion.
And THERE we celebrate each other's
breakthrough victories;
there, we feel each other's pain
of trials and tragedies.
We do so yet again while learning
of another loss:
a drummer and a man of God,
never words to gloss!
Two wooden sticks that minister,
to worship and to reach...
not always will the pastor be
the only one to 'preach!'

"God bless you, brother Andy!
But this is not 'goodbye.'
It's only 'See you later!' 'til
we meet in bye-and-bye!
Enjoy the celebration, as
you walk that gilded place
hand-in-hand with Jesus--Him
Who saves us by His grace!"

Yes, we will meet again, and he will STILL be playing music that glorifies Jesus Christ!  He is physically gone from this life, but he is certainly not forgotten!


Saturday, July 24, 2021

God and The Day!

Another full and wonderful day.  It all started with Him and, now that it is somewhat over, I am with Him again.  HE NEVER LEFT ME!  So is the wonder of each day to them that belong to Him!

"Good day to You, my Father!
What a masterpiece you've made!
The sun, so very vibrant, casts
a multitude of shade!
That shade be necessary as
July comes to an end;
the heat that's generating makes
Me see that shade as 'friend!'
But even though the temperatures,
upon this day, may soar,
so colorful be fields and hills,
birds and folks and more
seen from my office as I labor
for the greater good...
You are so very generous
to show me what You would!

And 'for the greater good' may I
pen yet another word?
You know that, glory to Your Name,
in such will be occurred!
For how can I pen what I see
without revealing You?
Such cannot be, as this great gift,
without You, I can't do!

So be magnified, my Father, as
I pen to folks around
the wonders, sights and miracles
that mine eyes have found
as I look out the window in
the middle of the day,
in between the constant tasks
upon The Narrow Way!

Such is certainly my goal, my purpose.  These words are for God's glory, about God's glory and the many facets of His being!  He is hope, peace, beauty, wonder, assurance, prosperity...the list is endless!  HE IS GOD!!


Friday, July 23, 2021

Just 'noise?'

Our lives are busy.  That's a given.  Depending on who and where you are, said life can be quite noisy.  However, even amidst the 'noise,' have you the ability to 'listen?'

Listening and hearing;
discerning as He leads.
The heart to find rejoicing...
the surely bleeds!
So many people suffering,
so various the cause;
simple be the answer:
before the Lord to pause!

So many are the 'noises,'
but listen to the 'sounds;'
in pleasant ones, the voice of God--
it certainly resounds
addressing all the issues that
the 'noises' are about,
providing necessary answers
unto the devout!

'Listening' and 'hearing--'
so different the two!
Tune the heart to so discern
and, better, will be you!
For God has oh so much to say
to them that will be wise.
A better day, a better life
you'll truly realize!

Yes, God has so much to each of us.  One can certainly 'hear' his voice, but it takes training to truly 'listen!'  And them that 'listens' be granted the ability to minister to them that are in pain!


Thursday, July 22, 2021

Different city. Same life!

Out of 'my shell.'  Spending a few days in a bigger city, tending to business and visiting friends.  A much bigger city.  But should that matter in the way I conduct myself...

'Morality' to vary?

"Values' fluctuate?
But there be a compass for to guide
and it has remained to date!
The line be long to argue, but
The Word of God is Truth!
And living by it demonstrates
the level of our ruth!

So many have their 'cultures' or
'mores' on which to stand.
Should Jesus stand in front of us
would such as these be banned?
For Jesus said a lot about 
'tradition' in His day;
every morning as we rise
seek out what HE would say!

It seems, with every generation,
morals take a 'hit!'
But God's Word is eternal, and
He changes not a bit!
As we accomplish what HE says
successful we will be
in the eyes of man, but, also,
what he does not see!

Someone once said "Integrity is what we are when no one is looking."  Can you lay your head upon your pillow at night with a smile on your face and peace in your heart?  IF we are living guided by Holy Spirit we can!

Monday, July 19, 2021

One Special Man

Taking a moment out in the glory of God's creation to go over the memories I have of special folks.  One in particular comes to the forefront of my heart...

The sticky breeze is cool today,

it has an able wind;
I so enjoy the feel of it
as verses, they are penned!
They are written as I have a brother
heavy on my heart;
the prayers of many people for him
unto God depart!
He may not even realize
his value or his worth,
(though he is in that 'inner circle'
I keep here on earth!)
For sure, these days have been a challenge
unto one and all,
and he is one with 'feet dug in,'
answering the call!
But 'life' has gotten to him, and
we need to let him know
that he's a pillar unto us,
(and some he doesn't know!)
"So, Lord, please help this man to know
his value and his worth,
and he has an effect on life
on MANY on this earth!
In life, in leisure, labor and
so many other ways,
he is a light to oh so many 
in these latter days!"

Be there a person in YOUR life
that makes it smoothly go?
Just how long has it been, my friend,
since you have told them so?
For they may need to hear
appreciation you contain,
as, to the eyes, the stress and pressure
is not always plain.

Each of us have someone or several people in our lives that mean so much to us.  Life would not be the same without them, but how often have we told them that?  Make it a point to pray for and appreciate those few in your lives often.  They need it more than you know!

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Time so Priceless!

The chores are complete.  All things have been taken care of.  Finally, time to relax and unwind...

Above the sounds of 'living' now
are precious sounds of 'life:'
the winds that whisper...the song of birds...
and 'silence' minus strife!
It is a brief escape from 
everything that must be done,
and proves to all there really is
'something new beneath the sun!'
And as I pen this line, above me,
in slow-motion to soar,
in a straight line goes a blue heron!
Looks like a dinosaur!
He's on his way down to the lake
that's just beyond the trees.
Just watching him so slowly pass
contributes to the ease!

God wanted me to see all this
at this time of the day
to make sure I do not forget
He has The Better Way!
All the while, heard in the distance,
is the harried pace
that, sadly, has become the norm
in this most beautiful place!
But 'busy' He cares not about,
'quality' is His concern;
I see it very clearly, oh,
but when will others learn?

Of a truth, there be a myriad of things competing for our time, but just how many of them are considered 'quality?'  Make sure you fill your life with those things.


Saturday, July 17, 2021

Beyond our Grasp!

Yes, beyond our grasp...BUT REAL!  Yes, Heaven IS real...and it is closer than one can imagine!  Just look inside His Word and catch the wonder and thrill of That awaiting!

In realms we cannot fathom, there
is much activity!
Celebrations are that will
contain, soon, such as we!
the anthem in that Place,
all toward the Lord our God
Who saved us by His grace!

Though endlessly it's written, it
is yet beyond our grasp.
Unto brief glimpses from The Spirit,
tightly, though, we clasp!
Descriptions in His Word attempt
to tell us of That Place,
but God is clear: we cannot know
until we're face-to-face!

So cling ye to those glimpses,
my friend, as you press on;
even if your joy and hope
may 'feel' completely gone,
trust NOT the 'feelings,' trust THE TRUTH
that we shall wing our way
unto that perfect, joyous Place
when God, Himself, will say!!

'The Trumpet will sound.  The dead in Christ shall arise.  And then we who are alive shall be caught up to meet Him in the air!  There to spend eternity with Him!"  Oh, what precious, hopeful and trustworthy promises from God!  Take none of them for granted!!


Friday, July 16, 2021

But God is Aware!

There are some days when we get so caught up with life that, when we finally get home, all we can do is cry out for His return.  Trust me, He understands fully!

"COME QUICKLY!" cries the busy heart
as waning hours pass
now that assignments are complete,
successes to amass,
there's yet a yearning for His Heaven
deep, so deep inside!
How many are the days to come
'fore such be satisfied?!

Oh, but through these days that linger yet
there's so much to behold,
fabricated by His hand
from subtle unto bold!
The colors of the spectrum are now
with life in full-bloom;
with just as many essences--
oh, His sweet perfume!

Afternoon in God's creation
when the day is done;
singing out His praise, assuring
Him He's Number One!
So blessed and highly favored, them
that recognize such way!
"O come, Lord, as I so enjoy
Your works upon display!"

Yes, we may grow weary of this old world and its ways, but God sees to it that we have much to behold, ponder and be grateful for!  WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!


Thursday, July 15, 2021

"Like Little Children"

NOT 'just another day!'  Not this time.  We are in the company of some very special people.  The grandkids have joined us out on the deck and we are being entertained by God Himself!

An 'average' weekly morning with
a very 'unique' sound:
wooden lids open and close
as precious food is found!
The squirrels at the many feeders 
dine and entertain...
and the song of countless birds
is anything but 'plain!'

Oh, so very precious is
this time that's to be spent.
We have the grandkids for awhile--
back home their daddy went.
And all the little gifts from God--
the animals and birds--
papa gets to explain to them
using their own words!

What an honor!  What a blessing
having kids around!
Nothing like THEIR reality
to keep me on the ground!
The wonder that they each contain
and find just anywhere
makes life a better place to be,
and easier to bear!
Is this why, in His Word, The Lord
instructs us each to be
'like these little ones..." with every
new day that we see?
filled with expectation...
It be the greatest way to live,
regardless occupation!

"Like little children..."  Not throwing a tantrum when life doesn't go our way, but filled with awe and spectacle with each moment that passes!  So let us all WHATEVER we have to do!


Sunday, July 11, 2021

Sunday Morning Sanctuary

Sunday morning.  On my way to God's house to hear what He has to say?  Did I go to a 'service?'  You decide...

The sound of rushing waters
below the mighty dam--
a perfect, constant symphony 
and, entertained, I am!
While loved ones catch Rainbow and Brown,
catching words am I
as I sit here with The Creator,
Father God Most High!

Enjoyable and entertaining,
such activity;
relaxing, even, in this canyon,
breezes oh so free!
Watching those so close playing
the ultimate 'cat-and-mouse;'
fishing down at Dry Run Creek,
away from work and house!

The constant sound of rushing waters
soothes like nothing can!
God created such relaxing
as part of His plan
to break up the monotony
that's often every day--
the fish...the birds...the trees...the kids...
the wonder of His Way!

Not even sprinkles are to hinder
fun of afternoon!
More oft must we partake of this--
reality to prune!
Rush not the moments, oh, so precious
underneath these trees!
Oh, the value of such times
and memories as these!

No.  I did not got to church this morning.  Or did I?  One would have a challenging time debating me on that point, as we found God, perfect sanctuary and fellowship where we were!  I pray that YOU found the same where you were!


Saturday, July 10, 2021

What it Will Take

The more that time goes on, the more we seem to get into our 'schedules.'  Perhaps that is why The Spirit made it a point to record the times that Jesus 'disappeared' to be alone with His Father?  He KNEW the dangers of getting 'too busy!'

"You look right through me as you pass
to get done what you must;
that from which I'm suffering--
it cannot be discussed...
then people ask me why I struggle 
with a thing called 'trust...'
who am I?

You rush the meeting that we have
so you can make the next...
and when I do not recognize you
you seem so perplexed...
STOP!  Look into the mirror, tell me
who is it that reflects...
who are you?

I took your money at the window
today when you came by.
You looked not at your bill as I
thanked you and said 'Goodbye...'
that someone else paid most of it
not even caught your eye...
who were they?

In a time whose motto seems
to scream out "GO! GO! GO!"
Wonders take place all around,
but do we even know?!
We rush to do 'inferior,'
while 'extraordinary' waits;
Will our actions and our deeds
be that which seals our fates? 
The beautiful is happening
in and around our lives.
Even a miracle occurs
but, when it arrives
we are 'involved' in something else
and notice not the wonder...
Perhaps that's why, when GOD performs,
He follows it with thunder?

Slow down, my friend!  Take time to notice the 'little' miracles that occur in our lives all day long!  MAYBE then, it won't take THUNDER to get our attention!


Friday, July 9, 2021

That Most Important!

Jesus Christ is the most important decision in your life.  He holds an open invitation for a new life to any and all who bow to Him, confess sinfulness, and ask Him to be Lord of their lives.  It is a decision you will NEVER regret!!

"You come to us where we are at;
You meet us where we are;
You minister unto our hearts,
and NEVER from afar!
If anything afflicts us, Lord, 
You know just what to do;
You have the words, compassion and
the means to make us new!

All things new because of You
and Your grace abounding!
Your generosity, oh Lord,
be constantly astounding!
And a necessary staple 
of this life we're in!
Were it not for Your grace, oh Lord,
we'd all be lost in sin!
BUT GOD, He knew the state of life
and thus You humbly came
providing all, defeating death--
Sickness, infirmity and sin
to also know a death
as soon as we confess Your Name
and draw that living Breath!!

We do so as You meet us here
amidst our trial and pain.
You know exactly what we need
to turn such into gain!
'All things work together for
the good...' declares Your Word!
We live that through Your power only,
and life, it is occurred!"

And, oh, what Life Jesus is to all that call out His Holy Name and open their hearts!  Life--it be never the same once you know that wonder and power of living for Him!  WE ARE SO BLESSED!

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Miss Pat

Once again, I sit here at the desk in shock. All I have to offer are the words that God loans to me. Let's see what He gives me this time...

"Goodbye, Buzz. I love you hon.
Come here for your embrace..."
For almost 15 years she said
before I left that place.
Next to me on the line for years
When I moved to the window
prayer requests we started sharing.
"The ambulance came and got Miss Pat!"
I heard a week ago.
"She had some trouble with her heart
is all the news we know."
And then, last night, we got a call
"Miss Pat has passed away."
Emotions raw, I pen this word,
but what can verses say?!
The love that she possessed for all
that worked with her in town;
the love we have FOR HER the same,
not ever will go down!
And the effect she has on us
will last throughout our living--
her giggle echoing through our hearts,
her smile, ever-giving!
"Rest ye well, my sister!
Celebrate forever on!
We know you are with Jesus, but
you NEVER will be gone
from our hearts and our memories,
and we will meet yet soon
when God gives Gabriel command
to blow that Rapture tune!"
So many memories. So many smiles. So many tears. They all culminate in the hearts of them that knew the goodness this beautiful woman!
In HIS Service,

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Because We Talk

Another busy day.  Another SUCCESSFUL day due to The One that I started it with!  I met with Him this morning as I had my coffee out on the deck.  We are free to talk about anything and everything, so we did!

Another day of choices
'midst labors and all 'chore,'
I finish up the tasks at hand
and I hand off the store.
The evening shift is capable,
so back home do I go
where peace resides and setting sun
sets all the leaves aglow!

The nation is so busy with
remarks and speculation,
but I have peace within due to
a 'guaranteed' relation!
For God will still be God regardless
what reports come in,
and Jesus will retain His throne
upon the heart within.

While others panic and suspect,
I sit down and recline.
I look across the land and hear
the sounds so very fine!
And I visit with the very One
with ALL THINGS in His hand!
For His works, they are on a scale
so very, very grand!

Those closest to His heart, for they
are very well aware
that EVERYTHING about this life
is underneath His care!
And peace CAN BE regardless of
the outcome of events!
For God is in complete control
of what life represents!

You, too, can have such positive assurance inside of you.  Just realize that He is God, ask Him to be your Savior, and give your heart to Him.  The peace resulting from that is more beautiful that any poet can capture!


Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Not always FIRST thing!

What time does your day begin?  It differs for every one of us, but God wants to be part of it!  And, with life being the way it is, such is a necessity for such as we!

Before I rush into the fray
that waits for me in town...
before the issues of the day
attempt to sink and drown...
I open up God's Word out in
the Spring of His creation
and, with Him alone, I have
unique communication!

I read a verse or two then hear
the choir in the limbs;
I read a chapter and discern
such sweet, melodious hymns;
I digest a few more verses
His sweet voice to hear,
giving me the route for this day
and where to go from here.

This time, it be of most import
for ANY to succeed!
Whatever time YOUR day begins,
take time, His voice, to heed!
He has instruction, inspiration,
love and peace and hope
that's necessary for ALL men
to press on, prosper and to cope!

The day is busy.  God understands.  Sometimes, it is not until the day is half-way over that I get a decent amount of time to spend with Him.  But He understands that, and sees to my success anyway.  He's ALWAYS available, and He DESIRES to hear from each of us!

Monday, July 5, 2021

A Day Late?

Yes, I know.  I missed the mark.  This should have been written for yesterday, Independence Day, for the 95% of us that take such for granted.

I am free to get into a car and drive across state lines.  I am free to drive north or south and get into another country if I want to!  Too many that I know take such for granted.
I am free to walk out of my front door and and go as far as I physically can.  I am free to walk into any establishment and apply for a job or partake of their services!
There are places on this globe where you can do none of the above!  There are places in this world where you can only work and do and go where they say you can!  (And, in some places, that is only if you are a male!)  But in America there is equal and ample opportunity for all!  And, if there is a place you CANNOT, it's not because of the government, it is because of the ignorance and selfishness of said owners!  They are free to do so as well, but they shall also reap what they sow!  THAT is a truth that CANNOT be changed!!
July 4th.  We celebrate liberty on this day like no other.  But not JUST today...but EVERY DAY we are able to buy whatever we want...and it is all due to the grace of God Most High alone!  THE God Who gave His one begotten Son that we might obtain the ultimate freedom: liberty from sin and its consequences!  We are so very blessed to have the choice to choose Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior!  Never, ever take that choice and opportunity for granted!
For there will be a day, (that The Father only knows,) that being 'American' will have no weight whatsoever.  For on THAT day, the only thing that will matter is whether we are born again in Jesus Christ, His Son!  No 'nationality,' 'citizenship,' 'status' nor any other thing that 'man' measures us by will matter then!
Enjoy our independence.  Celebrate it, for sure!  But know that there is Someone far more liberating than 'nationality' or 'race!'  His Name is Jesus Christ.  God, the Son!

Sunday, July 4, 2021

A sweetest 'Sanctuary!'

Sunday afternoon.  The week is done.  'Church' is over for the day...or is it?  It all depends on your definition of 'church!'  There are many places I can find God in His 'sanctuary...'

The dogs are barking at the squirrels

that I am trying to feed...
the sparrows are yelling at the finches
that are hogging seed...
hummingbirds chase one another
in and out of shade...
all beneath the canopy
that God Himself has made!

For there be none other so creative
as to make those trees;
Causing them to dance so gently
in the slightest breeze!
Making them to have so many
different kinds of life--
the backyard, it is so alive!
Variety so rife!

"Thank You, God, for Sunday afternoon!
Thank You that, this way, we may commune!
'Sanctuary' outside my back door,
Your glorious creation to adore!"

I am so blessed, so wealthy to have such an incredible opportunity to observe my Father as He goes about His business.  He is so very generous to allow us the time to enjoy the workings of His hands!
What a wonder our God is!

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Those Necessary Conversations

Taking time now to be with God.  ON PURPOSE!  As I do so this time, there is a wonderful rainfall going on!  How priceless!!

Ahhh...the sweetness of a summer rain
across the rolling hills and living plain!
Not even can it silence winged refrain!
Each moment of it is to our own gain!
The coffee is ready over in the pot.
An ample cup I make sure I have got
before, out on the porch, I meet with God,
His wonder and the wet to, there, applaud!

Everything that's scheduled for today
will be successful because He is THE WAY!
Not any other reason do I know,
only His Holy Word says "It is so!"
And He's been faithful for, lo, these many years;
over time, He's eliminated fears.
So I KNOW whatever holds the days ahead,
to His victory, I'm surely led!
Oh, but before that's concern at all,
commune do we as raindrops freely fall;
He waters all the land I have for free
as He talks, laughs and tarries here with me!

It's the talk we have that is of most import
as, through the day, to His words, I resort;
and throughout the day there will be victories,
because of time like this and talks like these!

THOSE talks!  They are so precious, so priceless, so free!  All one must do is set aside time ON PURPOSE and Jesus will join you to converse.  It's that simple.  DON'T COMPLICATE IT!  He has a word specifically for you if you will only take time to LISTEN.


Thursday, July 1, 2021

Have you told them yet?

As I sat this morning with God and pondered events of late, I was minded of all the folks and friends that impact or have impacted my life.  And then He asked me a very hard question:  "My son. have you told them so?  Ouch!!

There are a list of folks inside our lives.

The heart jumps each time one of them arrives!
You know that list!  And every heart has one!
It is a list of folks that make life FUN!

But how long has it been since you told them so?
For some of them, they REALLY need to know!
For we all go through this life in different ways.
Some of us may need a word of praise!
Some may need to know they're appreciated;
(maybe, for THAT cause, YOU were created?)
Perhaps one needs someone to pray for them...
or be taken to the silence of His hem?
Perhaps one needs 'permission' to rejoice?
(In this day's world, such is an arduous choice.)
Or maybe one out there just needs a hand
and somebody to say 'I understand?'

Oh yes, we have so many on our list;
and, for one reason or another, they exist.
They are secured so deep inside the heart,
and, in our lives, each has an integral part!
Oh, let them know the value they possess;
and that, your life, they have definitely blessed!
For they are gifts straight from the Master's hand--
such truth, they need to know and understand!

Oh yes, each of us has so many involved in our personal lives for which we are very grateful.  But when was the last time you went out of your way to let them know just how grateful you are for them and the value they possess?  
It's NEVER too late!  DO NOT put it off any longer!  Even if you think you do not have the proper words, pray about it first, and God Himself will help you get your point across!
'Thank you, Steve!'