Sunday, June 27, 2021

You've Got This!

Once again, busy...busy...busy...  And it does not appear to be slowing down any time soon!  However, that does NOT mean that you have to get caught up in it and allow it to steal your joy!  Just give it to Jesus and continue to press on!

The intensity of living in

the days and times that are;
they seem to stretch emotions, oh,
so very, very far!
What must be taken care of seems
to never, ever end;
fortunately, through it all,
we have a Perfect Friend!
If it were not for Jesus Christ
alive so deep inside,
the cares of life--they would be even
more intensified!
He lives so that we can succeed
and not be overcome...
He lives so that HIS victory
might always be our sum!

Life--in its intensity--
no moment be the same.
Keep Jesus at the forefront and
let HIM receive acclaim!
He knows of the intensity
that comes throughout the day;
perhaps that's why the truth remains:

LIVE ON!  Do so knowing that the way ahead of you is fully known and prepared by Him Who is in complete control.  In Him, you've got this!

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