Wednesday, June 16, 2021

What's This For?!

That's how I often feel when I have this pen in my hand and the Presence of God is so incredible that I cannot find words to capture it!  That's how I often feel when I am standing before His glorious creation and it is so beautiful and spectacular that I cannot describe it!  Am I alone?

"Father God, what's this 'talent' for if I
cannot use it for You?
I want to transfer into word
the spectacle in view!
The contrast, depth and richness of
the colors that You use...
the magnitude and subtleties, Lord,
of Your chosen hues?!

Oh Lord, what be this 'talent' for
if I can't use the same
to tell another of Your glory,
majesty and fame?!
If I can't word the subtleties, Lord,
that I see in Your eye
as You walk with me, hand-in-hand,
what good, what good am I?!

But God, I turn the page once more
and hold this humble pen
KNOWING that SOMETHING will come 
from You to bless all men!
For You have yet to fail me as
I yield my hand to You,
and, by the bottom of the page,
a message is from You!
You are so faithful to me, Lord,
but every time I yield!
Somehow, by Holy Spirit's work,
a word or a sight's revealed!
Thank You for this gift, Lord,
dedicated unto You!
'Use it!' be my daily prayer
to bring YOU into view!"

Yes, it is certainly this man's prayer that these words help bring Jesus Christ into view for you and your life!  Consecrated be this pen for His cause, and it will ever be that way...because HE started it when I was around eight years old!

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