Monday, June 21, 2021

What do you see? in America.  Life is perfect every day!  No problems.  No worries.  No stress.  Yea, right!  Only in a perfect world, and THIS world is not it!  For there are folks all around us that are hurting, in pain, in absolute distress.  But you may not know it by the front that they don!  Are YOU available if one of them opens up to YOU?

When life begins encroaching and 

the pressure starts to rise,
I do my best to hide the same 
from everybody's eyes.
Putting on a front sometimes, 
I do my very best,
BUT GOD, but God, He sees it all
and comes to me with REST!

You 'see' the joy and confidence
that you have come to know,
but God sees ALL, and something different
would my being show!
You see my face--He sees my heart
and all that happens there;
and, regardless of our 'fame,'
there are too few to share.
BUT GOD, The Father and Creator
fully understands,
He stands beside me then and holds me
firmly in His hands!
Regardless of the words that come
from them that love me most,
I need God's Words, His comfort and,
in Him, to be engrossed!
And though 'success' defines me, I have
and my Father is the only One
to minister to these!
Sharing with my loved ones, it is
necessary so.
The deepest of my deepest heart,
for they deserve to know.
Embracing Jesus fully, though,
it is the perfect plan,
(even when I'm 'wishy-washy'
when I say 'I can!')
This life is fully-balanced--
sometimes, though, I lose sight,
BUT GOD brings it all into view
and, in HIM, I can delight!

These words may seem foreign to some, but I KNOW they are familiar to far more than we realize!  Be there for me.  Be there for each other.  Be there for God to use!

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