Monday, June 28, 2021

Warning: Political!

Being a man of words, I can shut myself away for a moment and emerge with exactly what you want to hear.  Unfortunately, such has become an art and occupation!  Be careful!

In words crafted so carefully
by ones employed for such,
emotions are manipulated
just for times of clutch!
To actually discern the truth
with any sense of care
requires one be genuine,
and be in constant prayer!

For words are raging constantly
against each other for
our attention, our support
and, yes, for our rapport!
'Integrity' and 'dignity'
have yet become mere 'word;'
and situations come our way
regardless how absurd!

There IS a Power absolute,
and it is NOT of man!
Regardless of one's 'politics'
there is a greater plan!
And His plan is not of this world,
no matter candidate!
He knows what will become, as He's
aware of every fate!

The closer we get to an election, the more we learn about each other...for better or for worse!  Yes, we are to exercise our God-given right to vote, but we are NOT to judge or excommunicate one another whose views differ from our own!  We are all in this together.

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