Thursday, June 17, 2021


I was 'saved' at a bar by having a conversation with a man I was shooting pool with...and he was having a beer!
The Lord once used me to share His gospel with a prostitute who came into my restaurant because she was hungry.  No other restaurant would allow her in, and none of my other guests would sit near her!
If we are going to see unusual and incredible results in our outreach, we must sometimes resort to unusual and incredible means to be of use to Him!  Not ALL 'ministry' happens in 'church.'  (Nor does all 'Church' happen in said designated building!)

"You met me in a place where few
'devout' would dare to go!
You spoke to my heart through a man
whose ways so few would know!
A layer of brick, dining, shooting
pool and drinking beer
revealed 'salvation' to me
years ago...and now I'm here!"

Too often, we avoid a place
'because of what man thinks!'
We cross the street for to avoid
that homeless one who stinks...
we see a call girl on the corner
and go the other way...
of my witness and my calling,
what do my 'actions' say?

If I should be of ANY use
to You or Your outreach,
said 'attitudes' or 'mores' I must
hasten to beseech!
Way too many that I know
would not be caught in sight
of that humble hall where this man
finally 'Saw Your Light!'"

We've heard throughout our lives, we have,
"His ways are not our ways."
Though it is written, it be true
yet even in these days!
For we must turn our backs upon
"...the way it's always been,"
if we are going to be effective
reaching hearts of men!

Yes, it be such a wondrous Truth:
"His ways are not our ways!"
For they are better, they are greater,
thus we give Him praise
for using us the way He does,
enabling us to see
the way He works in hearts and lives 
through people such as we!

Unconventional?  Uncomfortable?  Unusual?  God did not call us to a life of comfort!  Sometimes, the Gospel is messy, it's ugly, it's embarrassing.  I don't recall Jesus ever being concerned about that!  If He can lower Himself to enter the bar of a pool hall to rescue me, what lengths am I willing to go to share the same with others?
Thank you, Mr. Terlizzi, and may God rest your soul!

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