Friday, June 4, 2021

The Trained Ear

The world is full of 'noise.'  However, it is also filled with wonderful 'sounds.'  Are YOU so disciplined to discern the difference?

So trained, the ear that captures all
the wisdom God would say!
He is not exclusive to
a certain group, per se;
for ANYONE that sets themselves
aside for Him to use,
for they will be recipients
of His commands and views!
And when the day is over and
assignments are complete,
He comes to visit and converse
in ways so real and sweet!

Anticipate such times, as they
are to be valued most;
as this life, it does its best
to keep us so engrossed!
BUT GOD, He has the perfect cure
for all that life would bring!
Trust His ever-living Word
and, to Him, tightly cling!
Great is your reward, therefore,
in this life and the next--
even when this life attempts
to keep the heart perplexed!

Yes, blessed be that perfect Voice
of Jesus to the heart!
And blessed are YOU if, in this life,
you have got a part!
Fortunate, blessed and highly-favored,
them that bear His name!
All of His eternal glory
do we have to claim!!

The trained ear.  It requires effort, discipline and obedience to obtain such, but He is more than willing and able to grant you one if you desire such.  For it is one of His great gifts!


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