Monday, June 28, 2021

The Loving Father

The days are long.  The days are busy.  The days are, sometimes, dangerous.  BUT GOD sees to it that we arrive at the end of the day accomplished and in one piece.  That's because He is THE Loving Father!

There is a time and place where are

no rules or regulation;
there is no thing there for to fear
or cause us trepidation;
no 'virus' or disease to fear
there in that Perfect Place;
Christ the King protects us there,
them that are saved by grace!

We press on until that day ahead
with necessary care;
reaching out with love and grace,
while being yet aware.
For God has placed a calling on
the willing, chosen few
in a world that's ravaged by
the plagues that He foreknew!
Thus, we can do boldly that
which we have been assigned
with cautious optimism that
our God will pay to mind
and see the victories that are
Press on, press on, my faithful friend
as, by Him, we're so lead!

So very much to do in a very dangerous world.  We do so not alone, but with the leading and accompaniment of God Most High!  Commit your every step to Him, and He will see to it that You arrive victoriously!

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