Wednesday, June 9, 2021

That Most Valuable Name!

JESUS.  No other Name.  Once He becomes your Savior, you will have access to the greatest Gifts that God has ever given man!  And, oh, the benefits of belonging to Him!

When strength has left my body
I call upon His Own.
For there is not a greater source
that, unto man, be known!
All I do is call His Name
when I can move no longer,
instantly He raises me
and makes me ever-stronger!

No matter what this life has done
to this man or around,
His Name makes strength and healing to
abundantly abound!
The Name of JESUS--powerful,
like not another source!
His Name--it is omnipotent
and, in itself, a force!

"Jesus, Jesus, only You
be such a wondrous strength!
Your reign, oh Lord, defies all limits!
It is immune from length!
No other Name that's ever known
more beautiful and fair!
Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me
and so beyond compare."

No other Name be there ANYWHERE that provides what Jesus and the power in His Name does!  His qualities cannot be compared to anything, because nothing else is PERFECT!  Trust that Name for your own life now, today, even constantly, as He will never leave you or forsake you when You are His!


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