Friday, June 25, 2021

That Daily, NECESSARY Visit!

Taking a break from the relentless, I sit out on the deck and part the pages of His Living Word.  ALWAYS is His voice heard as I do so...

As traffic from afar is faintly heard
I listen to the wisdom of His Word
in the glory of the evening burn--
so much of Creator God here to learn!
His Word--fresh revelation every day.
Always concise is what He has to say!
Even as creation glory may wane,
the scenery is anything but 'plain!!'
For it is perfect as He and I commune
here in fading days of summer June.
His Word--so very alive and apropos
for every situation this life may know.
The perfect Gift to us from perfect God.
His every way creation would applaud!

Daily in His Word, His Word alive.
And with Jesus in the heart we shall arrive
victorious at those cultured Gates ahead!
O be saved and you, too, shall be rightly led!

Not a day can pass without a visit with Jesus Christ, The Living Word.  He is God's gift to us to be unwrapped afresh each day!  For therein lies the solution for whatever the day may hold, and True Comfort from the unexpected that comes our way.


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