Wednesday, June 30, 2021


Paul tells us in Ephesians chapter 6 to 'stand in His full armor and, having done all, to stand.'  God had Paul write that to us because He knew there would be days in our lives when that would be the hardest thing to do!

"You make our strength to multiply
O God, when ours is spent;
You make this man courageous when
the foe will not relent;
Your victory, it girds all men
in, around and all about;
You silence idle chatter with
a song and with a shout!

We are not without, as You,
our Lord and Savior, are!
You take care of our every need,
and NEVER from afar!
You be our lone Defender when
the challenges arise,
even in the court of law,
beside us, ever-wise!
And even in the 'every-day,'
whatever task at hand,
there You are, providing strength
and wisdom on demand!

As folks approach throughout the day,
we take care of the need,
and, should the cause arise, You're there
to always intercede
with wisdom far beyond our own,
advice too deep for man...
a smile...a laugh...a warm embrace...
for such I cannot plan!
But I can sure depend on You
to know what will be next;
the same--it keeps contemporaries
marveled and perplexed!

You multiply our strength...
You make our funds have length...
You cause us to touch all...

Yes, the days that are.  We need Jesus Christ throughout these days more than ever, and His Presence is constantly about us!  NEVER FORGET THAT!


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