Monday, June 21, 2021

Some think it's "Cool!"

When did it become 'cool' to hide your feelings?  Especially us men.  Why does the world see it as a 'sign of strength' when I am able to press on like nothing affects me?  God is certainly not that way!!  And He FULLY understands the feelings I go through.  Why can't my 'friends' and associates?

Life--it sometimes makes me want to run!
That which people tell me should be 'fun--'
it terrifies, at times, though I succeed;
What is missing?  What is it that I need?
I have the best--for Jesus sees to that!
Sometimes, though, even mountaintops are flat.
Too many I know cannot hear that cry...
The wells inside my face do not run dry.

Oh, hear me!  Do not look the other way!
Hear my heart, not just the words I say!
See my heart--not just my great façade!
Reach out for me, when I cannot reach God!
I know He's here...but it FEELS I cannot reach;
do not be 'surface,' this do I beseech!
For I need you...even if I don't say so!
You have more value than you'll ever know!

For I may not be very good with word.
But I need to know I'm loved and I am 'heard!'
For this may not mean very much to some,
but others...well...let's hasten not look at the sum!
Just be here for me, and I'll be here for you.
We need each other, yes, we truly do!
And that is why God put us all together--
for not ALWAYS will the day have sunny weather!

Cool?  Macho?  Unshakeable?  Untouchable?  No such thing!  I need you.  You need me.  We need each other.  Some of us just may not have the right words to express this truth.  And it WILL take more than 'words' to accomplish this.  Be open to follow Holy Spirit's lead.  He is ALWAYS at work all around us.  I promise you!

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