Friday, June 11, 2021

Solution for the Day!

The start of a new day.  First priority in this man's life is to visit with my Father!  I KNOW that if I go to Him first, the rest of the day will fall into place...even when everything else seems like it is falling apart!

So faithful be the Mighty God
that is like not another!
So loving is the ONLY God
Who's closer than a brother!
He knows the need arising before
we become aware,
and already has solution, of which
He does freely share!

So loving and so wonderful,
so generous and kind!
Another more compassionate
but never will you find!
His visitation is so precious--
constant is the same!
The God of all that ever is--
so beautiful, His Name!

So caring and so loving, even
as we tarry now;
day is done and, time with Him,
this life is to allow?
NO!  But He is Orchestrator
of the very same,
so HE has made this time for me
to magnify His Name!

Time for God.  Sometimes, we have to fight for it, juggle things around, etc., BUT IT IS WELL WORTH IT!  Make that time with Him a priority in your life and that 'struggle' will become less and less!


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