Monday, June 14, 2021

Rest with Him!

Finally, everything is over for the day...and a little earlier than usual!  I will take this time most precious and spend it with Him most precious!

Ah...labor is behind me now,
(however briefly so!)
The benefits to now enjoy
before they quickly go.
I do so as I now discover
season's blatant charm:
the rolling hills...the budding trees...
and nothing to alarm!

The whisper of the afternoon
to carry the perfect 'feel'
as all the sights available,
unto the eyes, appeal!
The bluest sky...the puffy clouds...
the gentle rays of sun...
all precious gifts out of the hand
of The Creative One!
To Him ascends all gratitude
for respite from the toil,
as I have efforts from the need,
my efforts, to embroil
and take as long as I desire
to enjoy His touch!
For this moment away from all
I'm grateful, yea, and much!

Don't forget to ENJOY the time you have when the duties are done.  I know too many who get off work, only to sit and try to figure out how to make tomorrow work.  Tomorrow will take care of itself!  You need rest, and all you must do is ask God for it.  He is more than able to accommodate you!


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